Measure of Success

We are constantly taught to achieve success at our very young ages, yet it is a very flawed concept. When saying 'success,' what does it really mean? An outstanding job? Having tons of money? Owning landmasses? This concept of success has many shortcomings, however.   Nowadays, the word 'success' is derived through the word 'greed.' As... Continue Reading →

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Drowning in Stagnant Waters

"If there is one word I would describe my surroundings today, it would be pointless."  At least, that was my original thought of this world. The thing is that many things in life doesn’t really move. As the world constantly holds people making hasty progress, there's really nothing much we offer in this world. In... Continue Reading →

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Revival in Individualism

What's your social problem today? Was it the overbearing family? Was it the betrayal of people you trust? Were you labeled and judged before you could ever speak? Please, do yourself a favor by listening to your own. I learned my the hard way. Being extremely open-minded, trying to work things out with people seem... Continue Reading →

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Change is inevitable, either it's for the better or worse. We all age everyday, decisions are made, and time keeps moving. It's only natural for us to accept these facts. However, we sometimes face a dire pain from losing someone or something we treasure. With it comes a greater mental suffering. We ponder what we... Continue Reading →

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Love of Friendship

It's depressing to think we are estranged from our own families, and that every action we do seems immediately misunderstood than be justified. As much as textbooks or basic lessons tell us that family is an immediate priority, we should remember that we are not all going to have the same ideas and actions. Whether... Continue Reading →

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Existential Crisis

There can be so many things that could trouble us, such as the pressures of work, a defiance of a friend, or even delays in traffic. Yet, there would come one serious time where we could come across existential crisis. This happens when we feel troubled about what our existence is in life and this... Continue Reading →

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Our “Better” Capacity

It is definitely not an easy task to find your place in the world, let alone the world being fast-paced. In being an adult, in particular, everything goes by quickly. Every second of every step, every blink of an eye on making decisions, and every stop and every go, all of it matters. It never... Continue Reading →

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We, By Definition

I want to be defined as myself. We are all the same people, and yet we are all different. We are all defined by the things we choose and things we like. At other times, we are defined by who we are with. Some people are defined as someone's sidekick, a given name, or even by how they look. In my experience in life, the definitions about myself were mostly how I was labeled and I actually never had a chance to define who I am. To be honest, I was one of those who was defined as a slow learner or a late bloomer. Some even might say I'm a loner. Even though some of those labels are accurate, there are many intrusive ones that I simply cannot accept. As an individualist, I choose to reinvent myself and how I am by simply being me. Honestly, I want to have a new name because my name is not originally mine. I want to be seen by the things I love doing: video games, writing, and sometimes quirky. I want to be defined by what I have presented myself as, not be defined by the sibling of this person, or as a liar, a thief, and a sinner by very close-minded people. There's a whole lot more we could be for what we do and how we present ourselves. I bet I'm not the only one that sometimes get lost in their 20-something. I'm happy but with also a balance of being overworked and modern-day struggles. These also affect our confidences and major life choices. That's why I advise everyone to always remember who they are and what is their purpose. No matter where our own journeys take us, the back pains from work and the gossips of questionable individuals mean nothing compared to the trust we give us.For people reading this blog, I hope we all ride this journey of self-definition. Your choices define who you are and what your likes and dislikes build you up as a person. It's you who decides that, not your family, friends, and even I as I am writing this. See yourself as someone brand new or equip yourself with a brand new pair of eyes. You are more than what this world expects of you, and it all starts by properly defining yourself.

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Why My Flowers Wither

Every once in the morning daylight, I catch my fresh picks from the market after dropping off my sister to school. If the mornings of the commercial districts in Manila aren't crowded enough, what more from mostly all the local wet markets?  There's a  bustle of people buying and selling market goods. The range is... Continue Reading →

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The Best People

The despairing part of life has been extinguished. Finally, the breeze feels fresh as the flowers blooming at spring. Funny because there's no spring season in the Philippines and my new home is close to an avenue. Nonetheless, there's always something worth appreciating in life no matter much you feel like dirt stuck in someone... Continue Reading →

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Early Retirement

Things will never always go your own way. That's a sure fact. It's certain to say we have to feel the subtle pains in life every once in a while... but what if it's not subtle anymore? Or in curiosity, when does it become too much to not bear anymore? For young people, the feeling... Continue Reading →

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long dreams.

I was out in the cold night in the city. In the comfort of my own troubles, and expecting more to come. My bank account mauled by hackers, called the bank that took forever to waste my time, and a running phone bill for their slow-paced rapport. I kept my patience at its best. No... Continue Reading →

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Gaming Haul #4 – The Nintendo Switch!

A hybrid console from home computing to portability proves Nintendo's greatest innovation yet with the Nintendo Switch. Sit back and enjoy in so many ways to play. That's a personal tagline that kept me hyped for the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo met with terrible fate with the audience's disinterest with gimmicky gameplay and motion controls. To put... Continue Reading →

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Not a mere writer's block. Yet, I continuously omit strange and meaningless writings on innocent sheets of paper. With long hours of nothing, I'm pouring down my second cup of coffee from the french press. Coffee accompanied by a blank slate feels like a disgrace to the environment. How little should I have known there... Continue Reading →

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Video Game Haul #3 – Nintendo 64

If there's something that really made my birthday stand out, it's the special birthday gift that comes in the form of one of my most favorite thing - A RETRO CONSOLE! Getting down into retrospect, Nintendo released the Nintendo 64, or the now abbreviated N64, in 1996. It was a new transition at that time. A great shift from... Continue Reading →

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Manila Tour 3: A Hindu experience

The day of July 2, 1994, started a long golf game. A strong smacking force upon impact to the ball meant a plight to an unknown course. By chance, landing on the perfect spot as the ace in the hole. Obstructions aside, that ace in the hole would soon be The Wild Prose! Yes! For... Continue Reading →

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Tsim Sha Tsui

I raised my head, not to the clouds. Lingering carelessly. Not lost. Not found. With eyes closed, I still feel the burning sensation. Hearing only digital music, and vehicle distortion. Listening to Honne, while sipping Chai Li Won. I not only sport a muscle shirt but a beard and undercut as well. I realized, I... Continue Reading →

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Hong Kong – Part 1: Welcome to Hong Kong

Life is really only experienced beyond all boarders. Could it be? Has the day really came? Finally, the winds are changing. On the epic day of April 14, 2017, I embarked on my very first trip abroad on my very first airplane ride. I solemnly admit it's my first time riding a plane after 22... Continue Reading →

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Trigger Point

I have to make a little personal segway for my blog today. With many struggling issues going on, especially with the covid-19, there's somewhat less of a peace of mind. Sadly, even with the negative effects of a city-wide quarantine, I still have been dealing with issues that made my lose control. I hate bad... Continue Reading →

Time to move on (Done With Manila)

Done just about anything up my sleeve. Did just about anything I possibly could. Went everywhere from North to South. For almost 25 years of my life, my home stayed nowhere outside Manila. Rich, poor, and the middle class, there is no experience I have not trodden. I grew tired of the spots on my... Continue Reading →

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