Mystery Blogger Award Nomanation

'It's been awhile' is probably the most common line to use whenever one goes back into the spotlight. However, it is not the spotlight I deem to chase. It is the motivation to speak out the words I couldn't utter. Hoping to teach and inspire those of whom might come across my writing. My blog …

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Video Game Haul #3 – Nintendo 64

If there's something that really made my birthday stand out, it's the special birthday gift that comes in the form of one of my most favorite thing - A RETRO CONSOLE! Getting down into retrospect, Nintendo released the Nintendo 64, or the now abbreviated N64, in 1996. It was a new transition at that time. A great shift from …

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Video Game Haul #2 – Nintendo Super Famicom

After a final run through of my previous game haul. The chase for retro gaming was a definite ‘necessity.’ Yes, I could never ever be a confident gamer if I wouldn’t own a retro console especially a Nintendo. Nothing compares to that pixelated color palette of an old console. I was no doubt craving for that …

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Hong Kong: Part 3 – Diverse Depths (Discovering Hong Kong)

To travel is to take a journey into yourself. - Danny Kaye Hong Kong stands our for its dense city, rich culture, and premium attractions. On the first night, witnessing Kowloon granted an eye-opening experience. Seeing a new place for the first time made me feel overwhelmed and crazy at most. The second day led us …

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