Where does wickedness come from?

A person is always born pure at heart, and he or she has parents and a family. It’s their duty as elderly to pass on their knowledge and love but why is it that one can be so wicked? Has his parents and family shown wrongdoing? Possibly. What about the influences of others? Bullying? Discriminating? Threatening? Abusing? Horrible as it kills a person’s self-esteem. Can these be reasons for wickedness?  And where does these “bullies” come from if they have parents as well?  It only means even other parents are bullies. What about people with power? Their corruptedness or worst, their dictatorship. The abuse of power; suppression of freedom. What does that make to the pure of heart? The innocent being polluted. It changes him.
Everyone around him… All but evil. He becomes a product of hate, disgrace, pain, abuse…
It’s their reason he becomes…


Originally written on October of 2013 by yours truly. Inspired by the novel Wicked by Gregory Maguire.



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