If it’s Dead, Kill It.

Violence, rage, death, and gore are words that would fit together in surviving a zombie outbreak. Everything in this paper answers why we need to befriend death in killing zombies for survival. The greatest way to survive a zombie invasion is to kill zombies because it prevents the spread of the virus, it is a way of self-defense, and it is a great exercise.

The most elaborative reason for killing zombies in a zombie outbreak is to prevent the spread of the virus. Without the zombies wandering around the city streets, it is most likely that the virus cannot spread biologically. People must be attentive about this though because one wrong move can turn you into one of the undead. It is also best to be armed in this procedure as well as to have an advanced sighting and hearing. Preventing the spread of the virus is very important as it preserves human life.

Another reason for killing zombies in a zombie outbreak is because it is a way of self-defense. Self-defense gives a very accurate response to whether or not you would survive the outbreak, but of course, why not kill them while you’re at it. While doing self-defense it is suggested that you need to stay careful and calm like how martial artists do it. To make it safer, try doing melee moves using your legs, like a high kick or a roundhouse but of course, it requires training. Self-defense is very essential for your own survival.

What better way to have a great exercise than during a zombie outbreak. Just imagine hundreds of zombies ready to be used as punching bags. I ask, why not give it a try? Exercise is fun and healthy but when doing it to zombies you must be an expert, no practices just one big knockout. During the exercise, you should always be energetic and have a great smile because you need to have the good and active energy. It is also best to plan ahead the next move because you don’t want to get caught in the middle of it all unless you’re a fool. Exercise in a zombie outbreak is a very tough work but it gets the job done.

Killing the infected during a zombie outbreak prevents the spread of the virus and important for the preservation of human life, self-defense is just as important for your survival, not to mention it is also good exercise. The best procedure to survive a zombie outbreak is to destroy the undead to stop further infections, a procedure of defending yourself and is a very great exercise. So, people, I demand you to study and work out now on killing the infected before matters go worst in future. It is also for us someday and by that time we will be prepared.

Originally written for English 12 class in college submitted to Kristofferson Soriano. The last known edit of the document is February 2012. Inspired by the game Resident Evil 5.


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