3 Things Unconciously Learned Through Video Games

Most adults and regard video gaming as time-consuming, worthless past time where the younger generation learn nothing. It’s the type of entertainment that most people think waste time instead of allocating that time for physical activities, studying, or helping others. Yet little did they know that video games unconsciously teach young people a handful of important life lessons.

1. Learning failure and trying again.

In the first run of a video game, you wouldn’t expect to get things done perfectly. Results are often mediocre or average and so on. Luckily the whole enchilada can be replayed in every video game. Once the game is replayed you’d expect the challenges that come across. Leading gamers to accept their mistakes and try to do it better the next time. The whole concept can be adapted in real life wherein people make mistakes and learning to stand up better for their next struggles. This, therefore, teaches children that it’s okay to make mistakes and no such thing as being perfect.


2. Learning to work cooperatively.

In gaming, there is something called multiplayer, or co-op. Multiplayer or co-op, as their names suggest, is where there are multiple players in one game. This is important and very essential in a game because this teaches players to help each other out through their goals. Imagine how good it feels to finish the popular game Contra with a second player. Not only that, it also teaches players to share, and to value relationships. All in all, this teaches children that no man is an island.


3. Learning how to step-up.

 Video games often give challenges from the easy first steps down to the massive leaps. It would feel that you’re being treated as a baby at the start of a level but, soon, once tougher challenges are dealt, you gain more and more experience as the battle grows furious. Players would work so hard to get what they deserve – perhaps a weapon or a skill. This kind of concept is always true in real life. Whether you like it or not we all start from the bottom. We all had to learn the basics. And that powerful weapon or skill we all want to attain are our goals and dreams.  There are no shortcuts and no cheating to attain them unless you work hard on. Most of the successful people today worked hard to attain what they have such as Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs. They stepped-up their game like video game heroes. Teaching children that every achievement are accomplished with solid efforts.

Video games are fun filled entertainment filled with amazing things we could learn. It teaches us that it’s okay to make mistakes. It teaches us to work in harmony. And finally, it teaches us how to become a hero. We are blessed that the new generations can adapt these valuable lessons for the better. Proving that this form of entertainment is the mean to become excellent.

Written by a video game enthusiast.


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