3 Things That make Video Game Commentaries Better to Watch

Adding a commentary to a ‘video game’ video is like adding lemon to your coke. You do something different to what’s already amazing. Basically, adding a commentary to a video is adding a twist. Personally, I love commentaries. They’re really great to watch despite how good or bad the person talking is.  Here I listed a few things that make video game commentaries better than ordinary videos.

You feel less alone

Watching a game while someone comments actually help woo the loneliness. When someone randomly talks through the video you just suddenly feel like you’re part of their conversation. And, to be honest, it can be engaging. This is for sure, however, since the real purpose of the commentary is to communicate with the viewer and the process gets better with the addition of good video game quality. What’s more is that you learn some trivia about the game or maybe something personal that make it seem that you have a buddy with you.


You’ll be open to criticizing

As I’ve said, there are bad and good video game commentaries. You just can’t help but respond to how they perform of do the act of commentary. In fact, there’s nothing to be ashamed off because it’s the viewers’ job to give a review. Some commentaries are full of mumble jumble that it makes the video less boring. Some might be bad for how horrible the gamer plays. I once commented on how horrible a certain guy on YouTube who plays Super Mario so horribly. I’m not the type who burst in and tell people how bad they are but the guy seriously needed to know how bad he was. But other than him there are mostly good ones!


You feel twice entertained

This one is quite obvious. Commentaries are fun to watch because someone is making the impact of the video more interesting. Mostly they’re the funny ones that are very popular nowadays. There are some that you wouldn’t expect to be the funniest when the game is so serious or even scary. They never fail to entertain out of such a simple game and it’s better to watch them that way. Check out a funny commentary over a good horror game here!

Do you agree with the list? Feel free to comment or suggest. Bye!


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