The Videos that make YouTube Fascinating

YouTube is popular for one common and obvious thing – videos. ever since its release, YouTube has provided some of the very best entertainment you can’t imagine anywhere else. And the numbers of people watching and uploading videos are adding up million’s, if not thousands, every day.  It doesn’t really matter what these videos are, or do they?  It doesn’t vary whether they’re viral, good-quality, to even the craziest of all video’s as long as it’s viewed and liked by a particular group. And we can’t argue what different things interest people. So what makes YouTube so fascinating? Or better asked, what videos make YouTube fascinating? It doesn’t necessarily have to be odd or strange as long as they are adored, criticized, and has significance among people. For most of you who wonder, here are some of the most fascinating content you can ever find on YouTube.

Music Videos

YouTube has a trunk-load of music uploaded. I’m not just talking about music video’s in general but all “videos of music.” Sure, you would expect most of famous artists’ music are uploaded and it’s already fascinating that you can listen to them as much as you want but there’s still so much to explore. There are music you have yet to listen that you could never find elsewhere. There are covers sung by great aspiring singers that are yet to be discovered. If you’re tired of the same songs by one artist there are leaked unreleased songs. Or if you’re an odd listener like me, you could try listening to some instrumentals, or game and movie soundtracks. Would you believe a track from a Sims game could be so relaxing to listen before you sleep? Call me weird but I listen to it almost every night years ago and you should try to listen to it yourself!
Click here to listen


Vloggers, or video bloggers, are becoming a trend nowadays. They are those who share their thoughts of their days or what they’re doing. You would know a vlog if you happen to see a video of someone just talking about a certain topic in front of the camera or just do some random stuff. Vlogging is actually becoming a career among young people and it’s all thanks to YouTube that help engineer the dreams of these vloggers. Yet it’s not for everyone. Some think it’s simple face-to-camera talking but it’s more. Vlogging has to have significance and substance plus you must have the right tools and networks to get it right. And most of all you must have a charisma to attract subscribers. Believe it or not, vlogging is also one of my dreams  (ahem!). Anyway, vlogging has made YouTube fascinating for how they inspire people including me. If you’re interested watch one of my favorite vloggers talking some inspiration here.

D.I.Y’s and Tutorials

D.I.Y.’s or do-it-yourself’s may sound boring but the’re very handy when you need them. A good thing about self-making nowadays is that you don’t just have to read them but you could actually watch someone do it on YouTube. I wouldn’t exactly say it’s lazy but it shows people tremendous amounts of information by just a video! Today you could watch how to do a dance move, and tomorrow you could learn basic photoshopping. The ideas are needless and fascinating. Check out one D.I.Y.’s I love doing with my sister here.

Video Gaming

Video gaming is a major field in today’s technology. Gamers from around the world have uploaded tremendous amounts of video gaming content you can’t imagine. In fact, Video Gaming and YouTube is one of the best combinations there is yet for they offer entertainment beyond common standards. For one basic reason, YouTube and Gaming are being used by many young people. Second, doing effective commentary can add a big impact to the overall quality. Besides the strong community base, the effectiveness on how you present the games can out-stand most YouTube videos. It may sound complicated to understand but that’s basically it and it makes YouTube fascinating. If you aren’t aware the most popular person on YouTube do both YouTub-ing and video gaming at the same time.

Check out the number 1 YouTuber and see what makes him the best.

The Most Wildest and Outrageous

YouTube is fascinating for the craziest things you can ever find. What’s more is that you wouldn’t believe that people actually believe in them despite how bad they sound. I’m not talking about simple comedy and humor that’s quite common to find. Rather some really weird things like conspiracy theories, creepypastas, alien sightings and alike. One kind of example is that people actually believe that there was a YouTube video that leads to suicide. They are some creepy videos or some sort of creepy pasta. The point is that outrageous videos show just how effective they are and how easily that people can believe in them. One mild video I would like to show is a video called “Leave Britney Alone.”

So that’s basically why YouTube standout fascinating. Have any comments or suggestions? Feel free to comment. If you like this thank you and please leave a like.


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