I Walk the Unknown

There is the ‘known.’

A place where people usually live our daily lives. A place well established from a paved path that leads to the city. A place improved over its years of civilization.

In the heart of the civilization is the vast spread of high-rise that glimmers their windows as the sun shines. Down below are widespread roads and transport systems that take people wherever they can. This thriving civilization lives its glimmering day bound by the limitations and rules, however. Despite the inspiring beauty of high-rises and the new-found systems of travel, people are unfortunately making their life a weary cycle each and every day. Living through traffic each morning and stuck inside the cold concrete by the rest if the day. By night there is only darkness to see where people only live by to they take out all the stress – congratulating themselves a day well done – before finally taking in deep breaths for sleep.

The known path of living life and death every day.

As it sounds, it’s an easy ticket to live a life. A constructed known existence taught to a child – live a life, go to school, accept challenges, grow up, get a job, raise life, and expect a happy ending.

This is the known life that goes on through generations. It’s not entirely bad but it’s the same mode every single day.
… and there is the ‘unknown.’

A place of wasteland where there is nothing. A place where there are no buildings and no paths. A place where there is only sand and ashes. Neither a sight of glimmering lights nor a sight of grass.

I chose to walk the path unknown. Away from the bustling city, I live my days on foot endlessly searching for something. As far as I go there is only sand by day and pitch black at night. I struggled horribly day-by-day and felt hope is lost.

But I never forget the reason I walk this path untouched by most common people. I chose to live by this kind of life, taking a fifty-fifty chance between life and death. I remembered my purpose. I need no guidance from those who lived a life in the known but courageous enough to listen to mine. I walked this unknown because I want to create a path of my own where I lay down my own colors.

My purpose was all along in my head, shaded by monstrosities that made me forget. As I pass all on my own without their deceit I began to see the path. I was going to a place I created that used to call ‘unknown’ but this time it’s a paradise of clear blue skies, wide lush fields, and huge mountains fitting for a nice lodge house. I feel the warmth comfort of the sun as the breeze pass on to me peacefully. It was the perfect scenery and perfect feeling I longed for I thought never existed. Behind me was the wastelands and beyond the wretched city. But that’s what I know… I never looked back.

There is life in the unknown beckoning to be seen, or rather created. All it takes is one soul that believes. I have yet to see and now I walk the unknown.


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