Why do we struggle?

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.

God has given us lives in which we live in happiness and peace. We experience the wonders of being a happy youth into a learning pupil. It’s astonishing to slowly learn to grow up yet time comes when we go through rough roads.

God has given a masterpiece called life yet he never assured of what we all would go through.
As a young adult, it is needless to say that there’s still too much to learn in this world. Being an employee while independently managing my own space and time, I surely learned the ropes on managing myself daily yet not totally the ins and outs of what I go through.

It is in my own retrospect that I seemed to learn the painful process of growing mature – not physical aging but mental nurturing.

On dealing with people. 

In this fast paced world in a big company, new faces appear every week. A large number of people are always available to talk but their responses alone can prove our first impressions. People of different personalities surrounds me in this world and the best is to respect them.

As a young individual, I thought I could adapt to different people. There were certain moments where people tend to circumvent their way just to take away my peace. It occurs differently as days pass by – higher position employees eye-rolling, the gossips behind my back, and the one moment a fellow wanted ill- mannered actions I best not to say.

In the end, I learned to just let them be, respect them, but not to engage in too much contact. I realized that I should stick to people I feel best with. The team who encourages each other to feel better at work the next day.

On managing time.

I was too young when my high school teacher told me that “time is the most valuable currency.” Now as an older individual, I firmly agree when he meant.

Time is one of the hardest things to manage especially when everything is unpredictable these days. One moment you thought you woke up early for work but the next thing you’ll know is that there’s a car accident delaying your travel. Or maybe spending too much jolly time that you have prevented yourself from sleeping proper hours, resulting in oversleeping.

There’s a handful of reasons that causes delays that will eventually cause a negative effect. Look at it this way: a slow and weak signal can delay your email to a client that causes the client to take another opportunity.

Yet, it’s not such a good reason to complain things beyond your control. The best way is to either look for another best solution or to avoid stressing yourself. It is what I learned the hard way.

If the bus is slow, ride a taxi. It may cost you some but avoids you from being late. If the company’s internet fails, use your phone. It saves you from accumulating work. If there is a car accident in the distant, just be thankful you are not the one in the accident.

On budgeting money. 

As much as time should be managed, money should be given much importance as well. This I learned in another painful process.

First, determine how much should you save, how much you spend in a day in terms of food and transportation, how much are your bills, and how much are your other spendings such as laundry, toiletries, and etc.

For some, they use the percentage to dispute their money. Fifty percent on savings, 30 percent for food, and so on. Though this may seem effective, I personally think that this is useful for those who are highly paid. I am only fresh in the working environment and only get a not-so-higher amount than a minimum wage. Not to mention I live quite far from work so transportation may cost me. So the way I budget is through allotment of spendings. How much do I travel in 15 days? Let’s separate that amount.  How much I eat a day? Let’s compute those days.

I think as much as to where I put my money so that I wouldn’t have days of overspending. If the budget didn’t work the first time, I adjust it until eventually, it fits well. Yet I did sacrifice my greed to spend on expensive coffee and clothing, and that’s why I also budget a ‘free-time’ amount every cut-off.

Through months of this, I have been able to become stable and less afraid of emergencies like check-up and medicine. We should all take some time to sit on this.

On learning strengths and weaknesses 

Throughout my days of exploring as a young adult, the best thing to learn is about myself.

As I said, we can’t all be flexible with everyone and the same applies to everything else around us.

At some point in time, I realized those things that gave the best out of me and also the worst. I have to choose to be with people who are encouraging and also the kind of job preferences I prefer.

It is by experiencing where I learned how and what I can deal within a certain day.

I am happy to learn that I do not enjoy clubbing and I seem to be my best in quiet, and spacious areas like coffee shops. I learned I could work best in a positive and bright environment. But the best thing of all is that I know how to adapt to people and to the environment around me, and to find solutions to solve problems.

On dealing with stressful issues. 

Once in a while comes struggles. It is unavoidable. We can’t avoid the fact that it latches onto our daily lives. I most often start to procrastinate on issues but slowly I learn to deal with it.

They say the first thing to do is not to panic. I’m not sure how it sounds to everyone but it is definitely a need. We could focus better if we clear our worries and think of the best way to relieve the problem.

Avoiding it will help no one at all and that’s why facing it is the best to do. I was taught not to foresee the negative future, and to let the future worry by itself. Focus on the present and deal with it and find the best way to solve it. Soon, I am learning what kinds of problems may come ahead and I would know how to prevent them. It’s all in the process of growing up.

Growing older is inevitable but it is within us to consider what we become.

Honestly, I am almost in my mid-twenties and I age everyday yet I could consider myself still young and learning. I learn things as part of growing up but I never still enjoy the youth that makes up my personality.

Difficulties may come into the picture but it is for us to see better opportunities. We learn and gain new things from our struggles.

If we face them, a bright path will reveal itself.


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