Chef She’s Cafe: My small cafe-home


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I enjoyed my first plate of “Chef Salad”

Is anybody serving anything healthy? That was the question!

After a night of a heavy workout, I was looking around a place to dine. For the rest of my life as an employee, I rarely get the chance to eat home cooked dishes. Oftentimes I end up eating at fast food chains or convenience store snacks. I’m dying to eat somewhere with pizzas!

I was looking around the nearby town center straight after working out and that’s where I was lucky enough to discover a new place hidden within our town – a place where I could finally order a plate of salad. The newly opened Chef She’s Cafe!


When I arrived the first time, I saw the wide list of food on their menu except for the salad. The problem was that at that time I was under a strict healthy food only streak especially because I just came out of the gym that night. I was quite saddened not to see salad on the menu and was about to leave when I thought of just asking them. Luckily, they did have the salad!

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Chef Squid Special

That’s the story of how I first tried the food here. I’m not so sure what people think about vegetables but how I describe the Chef Salad was “very much palatable!” It had the right balance of vegetables, ham, and hard-boiled egg. Despite that, the dressing really made the salad stand out which made every but addictive. It wasn’t the only time I’ve tried their salad but I had tried it multiple times now.

I went back the same night with my younger sister, my older brother, and his girlfriend. They tried a bunch of neat dishes from the menu. My little sister had a tray of Lasagna, my brother tried Chef Squid Special, and his girlfriend ordered the Pesto Pasta with Rosemary Chicken. Meanwhile, I ordered a cup of Chamomile tea, as I was originally planning to get ready for bed. Still, I had to try out at least bites of their pasta dishes! Everything was perfectly al dente with the sauces blended rightly especially with the uniqueness of the Chef Squid Special. They were all appetizing in every bite but I have to resist for my diet.

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Panini Sandwich

I still come back here now and then, sometimes with other people, to chill and try out more of their dishes. So far I loved every food they served me – Pancakes, Chef Special Tapa, Lasagna, and the Bangus. The Big Breakfast was quite a blow for me but I enjoyed the deal they had with the coffee! Yet, my all-time favorite breakfast dish was the Seafood Omelet! If I’m trying to look for something light, they offered a number of sandwiches from the menu that’s a sure win if rice is something I avoid.

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Chef Special Tapa

For the drinks, they offered coffees, frappes, and teas. Coffee is a good deal and not too shabby! There are tons of coffees to try here and I have difficulties in choosing a favorite one. Perhaps the Caramel Macchiato is a good recommendation. Tea is what I expected it to be – hot and comforting, but the frappe is really a strong point! The frappes are very sweet and tasty and amazingly served! I really commend them for their presentations.

And speaking of sweet and tasty, they also have a mini display fridge for their cakes. I’ve tried a number cakes before to tell that the cakes here are at a very satisfactory level. The quality is spot-on and is most definitely superior to the most common brands.


I call this place as my small cafe-home for the reason that it only takes a short while for me to get here. When I actually dropped by for the first time, I was astounded by the interior of the place! I loved how it was designed despite it being compact. There is a feel to it that takes me away from the busy world. I could say it’s the silence, the calm ambiance and the slightly rustic design that I find homely. I would actually love it way better if the coffee scent lingered around all day long but that’s just for my personal reference! Another nice thing to notice are the notes of the customers left underneath the glass table covers. Proving that they all love their stay here as much as I do too!

There is an overall good feel to the place that I am comfortable with especially it’s quite hidden from the world.

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Trivia: A goat discovered coffee!
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The notes seen under the glass
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Interior Design

Service and Affordability

I find the food here quite affordable. For the most part, the food here is admiringly delicious and I always do find the serving sufficient. There are also plenty of menu items to choose from which makes sure everyone will come back for something new! This cafe operates like a fine dining restaurant – no need to wait in line! Actually, there’s no need to wait for so long because they prepare food hastily. They always valued my time and made sure I am pleased with what they served. I am also very happy about their staff because they are really friendly! The first night I came here they immediately recognized me. Whenever I visited I felt really special as if I was a V.I.P. and I still do! The best part was when they personalized the cake I ordered which proves how much they appreciate their visitors. I am speechless because of their genuine service and how they truly value their regular visitors.

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Personalized with my name
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Cafe She’s Menu as of Jan 14, 2017
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Additional Menu Items


This place feels like home to me – a quick run-away place to relax. I’m pleased by all my experiences here and the staff values each one. I am also glad to know their place has improved since my early visits. They have since improved on the ventilation and also provided new seats outside for the smoking customers. As for the food, I have no doubts on how good they are. I will continue pleasuring myself with great tastes! Recently that have added new frappes and snacks as well for those only looking for a light fill. Soon enough I know there’s still so much this place has to offer and I’m willing to pay a visit every now and then!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ – 4 stars!
😍 – I love it!

For more information:

Address: Ibayo Town Center, 8301 J.P. Rizal, Sto. Nino, Parañaque, 1704 Metro Manila, Philippines.

Google Map Location:

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