Bubble Man’s Reminder

I’m only 22 years old and I feel like I’ve been sinking into the quicksand of adulthood. I’m assured, however, that I am living a normal life, but at some point, I feel it’s too customary to the point that it’s a routine.

I have tendencies to feel procrastinated trying to keep up with all responsibilities, while, at the same time, pressured in keeping up with people. Lacking time for my personal needs make me feel as if this new phase of my life fades what I used to be – a young, and excited by the simplest of days.

I was coming back home after work one day with the perfectly uplifting weather – the sun did not burn and the wind blows away the stress. Suddenly, I caught a glimpse of flying objects passing out the window beside me. I looked to see bubbles flying by, joyously lifting itself, up into the air.

I looked to see an old man in rag-looking clothes smiling at our curious faces. He seemed not to be in the best-looking shape of but he seemed content with what he was and doesn’t care about other’s thoughts. He was happy despite not having the best in the world. This reminded me not to worry too much about the future and be happy about the simple things that I can achieve and had already achieved. 

I have discovered that true happiness is not achieving perfection or total domination. It is all about being happy as we grow wrinkles day-by-day.



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