What Salu-Salo Really Means


For Filipinos, a great supply of food and lots of laughs with close friends is enough to enjoy holidays.

I remember those thoughts lingered in my head when we were having a big salu-salo in the pantry during our lunch breaks. I couldn’t forget such an appreciable moment.

Decorative bilaos of food all lined up waiting for us to dig in. We all scrounged-up holding our paper plates and plastic utensils in a less-organized manner. Once we set down our plates, we had talks here and there and suddenly taking selfies from one person’s phone to the other. Our faces awkwardly trying to hide the food in our mouths. Our team was notable for being too loud but I never cared about it. We were very vocal but only to the point that we talk good sense and joke as long as no one gets hurt. We were not totally orderly with how it was but it was never rude either. We were all about fun and companionship.

It is more commonly known that a salu-salo  is a get-together which revolves mostly around food and eating, much like an American potluck, but with a unique twist! The twist is that this is very Filipino and that makes a huge difference!

I have to admit that Filipinos are indeed to exciting to be with. That even through misfortunes, we still manage to have a good time just by being together. That is what I witnessed with my friends when we gathered to eat. It’s such a simple 1-hour break but the joy lasted for a long time.

There is more to learn from this. The Filipino spirit embodies such perseverance that, despite the hardships in the Philippines, we can live our daily lives in happiness with only simple things.



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