Parañaque: My Home!

Parañaque is the city that brings people off their seats and into the sky! Literally speaking, it houses some of the major airports in that Philippines. However, there’s more to this place than that of course! People often go nuts over Maginhawa or go gaga over The Yard but Parañaque promises something more than that! It’s not just ‘another one of those cities that roughly made it into the metro.’ In fact, this city serves excitement in a fantastic city-wide scale! So, without further ado, let’s dive (or ‘drive’ rather) right into The Fashion Capital of the Philippines, Parañaque!


From the overrated and crowded  Mall of Asia, I’ll take a golden leap at the City of Dreams!  The building is literally golden and a fantastic welcome to Parañaque. Located here is Nobu Hotel which is one of the most luxurious hotels in Metro Manila. A pool, spa, and an exquisite restaurant are all available for guests to enjoy! And for entertainment, a club and KTV is readily available as well as a casino for the cash-throwing needs of customers! Luckily, Dream Play is also inside the golden tower for those young at heart! Dream Play is a Dreamworks-themed indoor amusement park so it’s likely that we’ll see the adorable Kung-Fu Panda, or the devious Penguins of Madagascar, or even Shrek, but I have to remind myself to steer clear of Dragons! If this golden building isn’t enough to bring relaxation and fun to the highest then I don’t know what else!


A few kilometers from City of Dreams is another high-class building for entertainment-hungry individuals. Namely, Solaire Hotel and Casino! Wait?! What’s new here that City of Dreams doesn’t already have? I mean, it says “hotel and casino” already. Well, if there’s one thing that City of Dreams doesn’t have that Solare has is the world-class entertainment! Solaire’s theater has staged one of the best broadway shows that many bookworms and theater enthusiasts would die to see! Mama Mia, Chicago, and, currently, Wicked has stormed in and set the stage ablaze with their world-class act. Personally, I am definitely eager to see Wicked right now!


I’ll cut to the chase that these places are too expensive for me. And besides, I’m also getting hungry so It’s time to talk about food. Taking Quirino Ave., a few kilometers from our compound, is a simple eatery called Maty’s. It’s been standing here for more than decades now and there are 3 branches already. Oddly enough, they’re all within very close distances between each other. They serve the best tapa anywhere I’ve tried! Travelers are lucky that Maty’s sell their tapa in kilos. Just in case they want to take it home. Have I also mentioned that their tapa is actually horse meat? Yes, it is exotic food I’m talking about here!


A nearby coffee shop is hidden well nearby which I consider as an extension of my home. Chef She’s Cafe is the place I go to to enjoy coffee while I work on my blogs. Since this place is known by few, it’s never crowded. Plus, coffee is not the only highlight of this place! There are so much menu items here being offered.


Along Sucat Road, there are many choices to dine but one particular place that’s unique is Dampa. Since Parañaque is nearby the sea, fresh seafood is abundantly served here in the market. Customers would pick out any kind of seafood and how much they desire before having it cooked the way they like at a chosen restaurant. Steamed crab, fish soup, buttered shrimp and all difficult dishes are a piece of cake (or piece of seafood, more likely) for the cooks! I remember the first time I’ve come here in my childhood. My mom used to say seafood galore. I thought she meant the quantity of seafood available but that was actually a seafood dish!


The abundance of seafood here isn’t just a feature but rather from a long history of natives before the Spanish era. They called this city as Paglalayag which meant fishing. Later on, a farmer suggested to name it  Palayan which meant cooperation but a fisherman protested to have it called Palalayag.  They agree to have it merged into Palalanyag but apparently, a drunk man shouted “Mabuhay ang Palanyag at ang mga taga-Palanyag!” (Long live Palanyag and it’s people!). Since then, people liked the name and decided to call it Palanyag. After some time, this name shifts into what is called today as Parañaque.


But enough of history! In these present days, it’s all about trends! And Parañaque has the best place for that right over at Aguirre Avenue at BF homes! While everyone is fussing over SM BF Homes, Aguirre is secretly here sitting in the quiet with few people visiting. If it’s burgers, they have The Knuckle Sandwich Station or The Burgery. If one wishes Japanese then Kantori Yakitori and Sensei Sushi Bar is there. Roasts and grilled food also stand out. Lechon manok from Ramboy’s, american barbecue from Cue and Brew, or smoking ribs from The Smoking Joint. Coffee shops and dessert shops are also scattered here and there including bingsu from Cafe IF, ice cream cookies from Southern Dairy, or a nice cup of roasted coffee from Magnum opus Fine Coffee. There’s so much more I haven’t even mentioned and It could take a whole day for me to savor everything I’ve just mentioned.


There’s even a handful of places to visit including Resorts World Manila, Pergolla Mall, and even the soon-to-open, largest casino-hotel in the Philippines, Okada. With the growth of the entertainment city, new establishments are soon to welcome newer people and with the newly opened Skyway, it’s easier to get from place to place!
Parañaque really deserves its name in another origin when Spaniards have stopped here and repeatedly saying “Para aqui, para aqui” meaning, “Stop here, stop here.” The coachman never ceased and kept going while the Spaniard repeatedly said to stop. All along the coachman was hearing “para aniya ake.” This is most likely the origin of the city name “Parañaque” and it perfectly fits the message it delivers to people. Stop here and enjoy the wonderful city of Parañaque!

Written for a job application.



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