Lost Sights

In a turn of 360 degrees, trees grow shorter, and the colors turn dark.
Holding on for the longest time while taking the most painful blows
only to see the grayest skies and the driest of lands from the summit.
Was there really an importance to what was once promised?

A once greater sight now turns smallest and I forgot I wanted my wings.
I dreamt being with the clouds but now I see them watching back from above.
I thought I was becoming something but turns out I’m a grain of sand.
Too many persuasions but in the end, I’m just one among the many.

The lady always dreams so big but always fall flat on the ground.
People have the chance to be better but only they’re only blinded and tricked.
So much by abiding by the book, I was almost lost and my purpose almost faded.
Never would I be a sightless fool but always a man of free spirit and happiness.

From the freshest of days we can move, and we can speak, and we are elated.
But like everything else in the world, it collapses by time.
Words become tighter and it holds us stiff, and slowly our senses are becoming numb.
I once perceived but I forgot to remember what colors really represent.

Nothing is greatly achieved on top but ashes of what was lost.
The only way to move up is to fall and start all over again.


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