Responding to Quarter-Life-Crisis in Retrospect 

Recently, I’ve written about my reaching 1 year of working and I’ve mentioned there that I’m in the midst of a quarter-life crisis. Before I had no idea what a quarter-life-crisis is and also it’s existence. It was normally just a mid-life-crisis but now, this new thing has spored out probably because of the intense lifestyle nowadays.

With the help of google, I was able to find  Paul Angone‘s “25 Signs You are Having a Quarter Life Crisis” post which gave me the chance to contemplate whether or not I am struggling with a quarter-life-crisis. I’ll be responding to all 25 signs to determine and to show what I really feel in this situation.

1.  You glare at your cat in the morning as you get ready for work and say, “God, I wish I had your life.”

I don’t have a cat but I do love watching videos of otters on the internet. I have been really obsessed with them especially when they frolic around to the point that I wish to just be an otter who had nothing else to do but eat, swim, play, clean fur, and sleep.

2.  “Am I ever going to feel like myself again?” Is something you ask. Every day.

I’ve been easily annoyed by people around me lately wherever I go. Plus, I tend to rush everything I have to do in a day. Where did my past go wrong? I wonder. I miss the carefree days where drinking water doesn’t have to be annoying. But alas, they’re gone forever.

3.  A Bon Iver or John Mayer song comes on and you start crying. By yourself, or around friends. Or in the middle of a coffee shop as strangers slowly usher their children away.

In my case, I barely listen to John Mayer. There was one time I did though on Spotify a few weeks ago. I didn’t cry! I wasn’t a cry baby. Though his soothing voice and relaxing instrumentals took me to Eutopia.

4.  “When is life going to feel like it’s supposed to?” Is something you ask. Every day.

Yes. When will I ever experience it?! I’ve been grinding my gears for quite some time now and I’m still struggling with ‘feeding myself every day.’ I’ve patiently waited but it’s like it never even existed in the first place!

5.  You’re reading this article right now because you Googled: “Quarter Life Crisis?”

Right! You got me.

6.  Visualizing yourself 15 years from now doing your boss’s job makes you throw up a little in your mouth.

I would like to help out my fellow co-workers but thinking about the higher positions and how much they’re pressured by the Korean managers nauseates me. Korean managers call us stupid for our mistakes (they have no right!) I wouldn’t dare come any closer to them.

7.  You’re having arguments with your mom again about cleaning your bathroom and being home at a reasonable hour.

At home, I don’t really have parents but cleaning is a huge responsibility as someone who is a bit of an obsessive compulsive. Somehow, I demand myself to clean and it drives me crazy that the bathroom is dirty every single day!

8.  Your monthly routine of expenses being greater than your income is dawning on you as a serious problem.

My job leeches on my energy greatly that I need to splurge once in a while. Yet I still have these other expenses to take care of too. I barely survive what I gain in a month.

9.  You’re having arguments with your newly cemented spouse and/or roommate that sound awfully like the arguments your parents used to have, that you swore you’d never have, yet are having.

Being stapled at home is one thing I dread the most. Having arguments with anyone there does not remind me of my parents exactly but I dislike the fact that I’m having issues like my parents. As much as possible I’m trying my best not to have the same issues as my parents.

10. E.  You’ve had no boyfriends/girlfriends in the last six years and you’re scared your boyfriending or girlfriending is broken.

I feel like these days I’ve been having full of responsibilities and that has made me somewhat careless of emotions sometimes. There are moments where working and resting is already a jam-packed schedule that dating seems impossible. Actually, do relationships even matter at this important time of growth?

11.  You’d pay top dollar for a moment of clarity.

You got that right! If only sleep and peacefulness was easily bought I’d grab the chance.

12.  You feel like you’re being crushed by either anxiety, unemployment, or just crazy amounts of college debt — you know, like most Millennials these days.

There’s always something coming up but none of them ever bring good news. It’s like a new kind of problem comes without ever finishing the last one. It’s already becoming crazy enough especially I haven’t found my next plan after my current job ends. It’s insane.

13.  Your part-time, temporary job at Starbucks has lasted three and ½ years.

I have no part-time jobs but I once volunteered for overtime in our company. There is already a good reward with just an extra 5 hours. Most of my friends do overtime regularly and I wouldn’t complain because they get more than twice of what they normally gain. They couldn’t, however, just leave their extra working shift because money is a good enough reason.

14.  You binge on buying brand names to try and cover up that you’re broke.

Expensive clothes are a statement and they sometimes signify a ‘status’ life. Well I do consider appearance as part of my success too anyway.

15.  You find yourself repelled and compelled by church at the same time. You ask God for help one day and then you’re yelling at him the next. Your faith is a roller coaster and you’re pretty sure your seat belt is about to come undone.

True. I know that God should be the number 1 priority but I fear that I’m losing the faith because of my lack of time to pray. Yet, I also pray that things will get better. It’s a mix of praying to him when I’ve had enough but forgetting about it once I hear the alarm.

16.  You see so clearly the two roads in front of you. A life of comfort and a life of risk. And you’re not sure you have the right car or directions to go down either one.

I did take a risky choice in my life and I’m not sure if it’s becoming a problem. I’m sure I’m doing the right things but I believe I’m lost when I’m out of hope.

17.  You surf the internet so much at work every day that you literally hit a point where you don’t know what else to search for.

Honestly, I am running out of ideas on what to look for. Youtube videos sometimes are unamusing. Even my video games fail to amuse me.

18.  You laughed, and cried, when you first read 21 Secrets for your 20s.

Nice use of click bait… Though, despite being relatable,  I have to say most of what’s written there commonly reflects my in my 20’s. Good job Paul.

19. Making a budget is completely debilitating.

Even thinking about doing your taxes. Debilitating.

Buying groceries. Debilitating.

Doing dishes. Cooking dinner. Looking for a job. Calling your mom back. Calling your best friend back. Picking up the phone at all. DEBILI-FRICKING-TATING.

Budgeting was, I thought, a way to alleviate the problems with spending. Though, every time I do it I would just say “F*** it!” All just doesn’t go peoperly as planned. I forgot the bills! What about the grocery list? And where is the savings? I’m screwed!

20.  The phrase you dread hearing the most at work is, “Congratulations, you’re getting a promotion” because you’re getting pushed deeper into a job you despise.

More work more stress. I say!

21.  You feel like every time you’re a bridesmaid/groomsman, an angel loses it’s wings.

Not really exact but I think every time I tend to do a serious and important responsibility I feel like I’m getting older and that I’m losing part of my freedom piece by piece.

22.  You dream about going back and punching your Smug-College-Self who was so sure had all the answers.

First of all, I’m never a smug-college guy but I would take a chance on fixing my dumb old mistakes in school for probably a better career path.

23.  You seek out a mentor for answers one week and you avoid them like the 8th grader with bad BO, the next.

This one is so relatable. I often ponder guidance from people but I end up pissed off because he/she doesn’t understand exactly what I’m going through.

24.  You have no idea where to go for answers.

It’s just me, myself, and I. Solo ride until I die. ‘Cause I got me for life. YEAH!


25. You’re 99.7% sure a road trip would fix everything.

I’m absolutely sure it does. It did so in 2015 in the family trip after graduation. Also did last 2016 after I lost my phone. Cleared my head once more just last weekend. I prove it accurate that a vacation is the best way to clear stress but also confident anxiety goes back once I get home.


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