4 Secret Cafe Gems in Ortigas

If I had a doctor he would probably ban me from having another cup of coffee. I can’t help it! Coffee is the very fuel of my soul! I just can’t live without it every now and then. At least, It’s a healthy addiction compared to drugs. But then again, what if coffee is my drug?

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It’s coffee anytime, anywhere.

Whatever the case, I wouldn’t stop my addiction to coffee. Though, despite staying mostly within a working district, I, of course, have my own preferences and specifications when it comes to my coffee places. I’m a bit of a hipster and I choose mostly like sneaking into hidden coffee places to have a piece of mind with my coffee.

I must apologize to myself for making this blog because these are my secret places. Yet, they deserve to be acknowledged!

1. Where’s Marcel?

People wonder where is Marcel? Well, I know where this place is but I’m not telling! In fact, the real question is, Who is Marcel exactly?

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A peek at Where’s Marcel?’s cozy interior

This is my most favorite pick because of the piquant flavor of their coffee. A sip of their fine coffee enlivens my taste buds. A mixture of strong but not heavy.One of my most favorite is the Affogato. A shot of their hot espresso drizzled over a cup of vanilla ice cream. The result, amazing!

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Where’s Marcel? comes straight from the heart of Melbourne. With that said, I’ve come to express such great gratitude over Australian coffee!

2. Starbucks Reserve

TRUTH. Everyone is familiar with Starbucks. I admit that this is rather an overrated pick. Yet, honestly, we have to praise the creation of Starbucks Reserve, especially because it’s rare to look for it anywhere.

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Despite the usual Starbucks menu, they offer exotic coffee only available in Reserve. These coffees are based on origin and with that said, they vary from their levels of acidity, aroma, body, and flavor. These distinctions are the essence of what makes the coffee unique, additionally, Starbucks guarantee that they only use Arabica beans.

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Columbian, Nicaragua, and El Salvador. Those are some of the coffee names to come across when in Reserve. Reserve baristas are always willing to help costumers in choosing their preferred taste in coffee and also what matches with the coffee’s taste.

3. B&P

I could not fathom how much I fell in love with B&P. It’s one of the most creative coffee shops I’ve been to. Judging by the interior and their food presentation, B&P stands its ground to be the most distinct among many dining areas. Yes, B&P is not exactly a coffee shop but a restaurant. Though the first feel of it gives the pleasure of being in a cafe.

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Coffee is just as good as expected! The taste of their coffee is soothing unlike strong blends in other coffee shops but very lovable. I have to mention the uniqueness of their food. Most of their dishes are not found anywhere else which makes it hard to choose. Praise to their Burrito Omelette!

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4. Daily Brew

The most hidden and the tiniest coffee shop among the latter. Daily Brew had to make this list because it’s one of a kind. A guarantee coffee shop for all readers and book lovers.

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The second floor interior
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Blind date with a book

Most of the furniture is wooden which I very much adored. They offer books for sale and books for reading. Another fun thing is to buy a random book for ₱80 with a purchase of a caffè latte. On the second floor, walls are covered with book pages. Something not seen anywhere else.

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Iced Cafe Latte

Of course, I have to commend their nice brew with their coffee. They’ve perfected the harmony of coffee and books because of the silent ambiance offered.

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Honorable Mentions:

Toby’s Estate:
A well-hidden coffee shop with a very strong taste of Australian Coffee. The latte art is as great as it is but there’s nothing else unique in their establishment.

vsco-photo-1 (4).jpg

Subspace Coffee House:
A very hipster choice yet it’s too exposed which didn’t fit the category. Plus the cramped uncomfortable feeling is a big minus.

Bo’s Coffee:
The place was cozy despite being inside Shangri-la plaza. Yet their coffee was not the best for my tastes.

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