Time to “PAWS”

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The philosophy of a dog is very simple. It’s to bring joy to a man’s face! When the odds are never there, dogs will always be there to bring a smile to a dilapidated soul. They are always there barking at you for attention but they the love they give back is far greater than expected. Just like the words of Mark Twain: The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up.

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What’s with animals and their magic? They seem to have the magic of love and being loved back and we just couldn’t contain ourselves from those from those irresistible faces.

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I know I’m a few days late, but I’ll still share my experience at Pet Cafe to commemorate National Puppy Day!

I stumbled upon Pet Cafe one boring little Saturday. With work being a burden as it was, I seemed to find my joy once I saw all these cute little dogs over the glass pane.

With only ₱220, my 1 hour became a golden hour as I shared it with the cutest dogs I’ve ever come closer to (plus free ice tea!). I forgot their names because there were so many of them but I didn’t forget how adorable they were.

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Wesley. The only name I remembered.
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And her husband.

They barked with excitement and curiosity. These dogs were not messing around with their duty to be closer to people.

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The two smallest dogs.
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The French Bulldogs were lazy, though. Still, very lovable.

The problem was, it was tedious to take pictures of the dogs, well except for the french bulldog, because they were packed with energy! Plus, the dogs did justice in grabbing our attention instead of our phones. The result, I lacked the photos I needed.

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It was hard to stay put with the dogs

It was noisy in the area of the dogs but there was no need to worry about the cats. They might be used to all the noises that dogs make already that they continued to sleep in their area. Though, there were a few curious cats who were a bit jealous.

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Yet unlike dogs, cat loves obstacles. They jump from one obstacle to another and often uses scratch posts. And, they’re dependent compared to dogs. They do seem adorable and would give it a try on our next visit.

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The cat’s lovely den

Our time was up at the same time the dogs were about to have their nap time. We’re lucky we came in earlier for the dogs. We then stayed longer for a nice latte. Their latte art was pet inspired and it proved to be good with the taste. The cheesecake was done alright but it’s not the greatest.

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I love how one of the dogs escaped their rooms. The little one which I want to take home. If only I could, though.

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The guarantee they don’t bite! Though this husky bites lightly for enjoyment.

Animals are born who they are, accept it, and that is that. They live in greater peace than people do. – Gregory Maguire.


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