The Formula to Love Yourself

Society today seems to expect too much from youth, or people in general. With newer generations kicking in with new standards, people could benefit from the advancements but also at the cost of stressing oneself.

It seems that people in their 20’s in this current generation are more focused on investing in their futures. It’s a significant difference since people in their 20’s before tend to live carefreely and have lesser constrained priorities. (Credits from Ruth Styles)

It’s not only for people in their 20’s though. During my time working in as an ESL Teacher, I learned that Koreans, starting from 8 as the youngest to 50+ years of age, have too many responsibilities at hand. “So tired!” became an associated catchphrase in every single call. I can’t blame their decisions but it’s dragging us. Korea is an advanced and a highly influenced country but I doubt they’re too happy with their situation.

The combination of constantly striving to meet goals, approvals, and demands, plus lesser time to think of oneself is insane. People nowadays are in the thick of this predicament as people themselves actually have too high expectations (Twenge, Jean, 2014).

It’s man’s choice to change this but it’s unlikely that people can leap back into a simple life anytime real soon. In a very constrained life, people forget about themselves and more on responsibility. Though, it’s never too late for people to find harmony in themselves. This is why I bring the proper formula to love oneself.

Chase yourself, not other people

The problem with people is, they often tend to seek the approval of others. People can become storm chasers in the sense that they try hard to love someone who would only hurt them back. People should avoid chasing others for validation. Rather, people should focus on loving themselves and set themselves free from the words of others. If a person constantly sends stress or worry, then maybe it’s not healthy to be with a person like that. The important thing is to bring joy to yourself than others.

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A wonderful time with friends

Consider those who really care

Instead of chasing irrelevant people, maybe it’s about time to recognize and listen to those who really care. They are there and they exist but it’s always hard to see them. Why? Because people seem to overshadow them over individuals with good looks or talents. Yet, despite losing touch, the real people always stay and always asks “how are you?” no matter how much they’re ignored. They might be parents, grandparents, cousins, a long-distance friend, or even a pet. They’re always there to care and stay strong to a person simply because one deserves it. They will always be there to listen and to love.

Enjoy by doing things you love

Time rushes people to do everything even if they’re not the best things in the world. Surely, there’s nothing bad in being progressive 100% of the time but it’s not also bad to respect own desires. People are always conflicted to doing responsibilities with work and family issues. Though there should be no qualms about sacrificing for a better future, it can get out of hand when a person don’t give himself respect. It’s at least better to do things one person wants for the sake of satisfaction. People are very much entitled to it whether it would be art, video games, or a vacation. There’s nothing bad in trying a hand on new things as well. Perhaps doing a job that suits a passion would be the best idea to enjoy the cycle of life.

Workout to be better for yourself not others

Working out surely has its fair share of benefits. Everyone knows that of course. It’s one part of the sacrifices that people must do in order to live in a better lifestyle. While losing body fat and gaining muscles is a good, some people do it for the sake of looking good for others. It doesn’t sound very common but people may have the tendency to overdo their workouts just to have an impressive body that everyone can be jealous of. It can get out of hand especially because working out is for the sake of self-improvement and not from others.

unnamed (3).jpg
Tuna mayo on wheat plus a healthy dessert.

Eat to your heart’s content and not for the stomach

In line with exercising is to eat healthily. This is, somewhat, stating the obvious but people may not notice that due to time constraints, people rush their meals. Instant noodles in the morning is not very healthy as much as fast food for lunch. People may have the tendency to fill up their stomachs for the sake of fueling up. It’s sad that eating, one of the many pleasures in life, is done hastily. People should eat always to fill their health gauge and to restore overall health. Of course, healthy food counts a million times better.

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Set your circadian clock, not your alarm clock

Basically, the circadian clock or circadian rhythm is also known as the body clock. What people know about the body clock is that it’s the pattern of a person’s sleep. Yet, there’s entirely more than just that. The circadian clock is a biological clock that regulates a person’s sleeping cycle. With the help of melatonin, it puts the person to sleep at and wakes them up at the proper time. This rhythm is not only for sleeping, however, as it also knows which time to eat and experience day and night. What disturbs this is the late night activities. It adjusts what a person does throughout the day and that is why it’s not advisable to sleep longer on the weekends. Sleeping and waking at the right numbers are the best ways to control this and proper sleep improves overall health too.

Acknowledge your achievements

The problem with work is that it’s hardly ever acknowledged or given gratitude. There may be tendencies where numbers are all that matters. People are often counted by the number of work finished and not how hard one worked for it. Forget what the boss says. The little things should matter to a person by heart. Even though no one will ever know, small difficulties or short-term goals are rich for self-growth. They are, in fact, benchmarks to a future goal. Each small achievement is part of a monumental goal and each of them deserved a good reward!

Reinvent yourself

No one is born perfect but there are no limits for a change. People always have a choice to be who they want to be but sometimes people have to find greater potentials within themselves. At some moments, people may think they’re doing fine but there are still small gaps to fill in. There’s still a chance for them to improve on what they already started. No one becomes great in the beginning and it all counts to constant self-improvement.

Sit on the beautiful side of life

It’s already hard to bear the dark things we see and hear every day so the best thing for people to do is to choose to be on the beautiful side of life. Not the bright side of life, but the beautiful side. Simple activities such as saying beautiful words, doing nice things, being kind to people, eating healthy food, and only listening to beautiful words guarantee a positive outlook in life. People have been ruining their days for the longest time already. It’s better to adore every blessing.

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A simple note to spread joy


Last but not the least is simply to be happy. Through all that life may give, happiness is simply the best. When a person has everything, he simply cannot guarantee that those will make him happy. Happiness is not measured by objects or numbers, rather it is being contented with whatever one has. With it, people will always have determination and willingness to face every day despite all the hardships. Wearing a smile also spreads happiness to everyone. It’s a great deal to spread the happy hormones, called endorphins, to every person one meets face-to-face. It’s the universal cure for everything!


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