I woke up 5 in the morning with heavy eyes trying my best not to get back to sleep. I fought with all awareness just to avoid another deep slumber. The thought continued to linger but I didn’t struggle to forget the nightmare. Rather, I tried to remember everything.


It starts with me entering the bathroom to take a shower. I slightly closed the door behind me, hence, making visibility limited. With the obvious darkness, I, of course, needed to turn on the lights. In our case, our bathroom was interconnected by 3 doors, 2 from other bedrooms and 1 from the hallway where I passed through. From where I came from, there was no switch so we installed a pull cord switch to solve the problem. I didn’t pull the switch, though. I felt the need to hang the towel first. We didn’t have any curtains so I hang my towel on the affixed towel curtain rod as usual. It was a normal setting of our bathroom.

With only the very small opening of the door, the only light was very limited and it shatters the darkness into a grainy effect. As I was about to pull the switch, my instinct called me forth to an eery presence. I leaned to my left to notice the tip of my towel being pulled upward once and then the second time again! Like being pulled up from an invisible spring, or perhaps from invisible fingers. The goosebumps sent shivers from my limbs into my spine and the grainy effect looked twice as severe. And just when I thought I could flee, or even turn on the lights, my attention was shifted to the wall. It turns out that the towel was not only being pulled by an invisible force, but by a shadow! The appearance was tall enough that the head almost hit the ceiling and the shoulders were very broad. The very subtle light and its position couldn’t possibly make it cast my shadow. Only looking at it for a second already made it feel as if it was staring at me. The darkness also added the curiosity that he was everywhere in one place. I felt the fear of being pulled towards it.

I ran out to flee revealing the light. I went back to my room where my brother hangs our and I remembered telling him about the insane event. Yet, it fades and it turns out I was having a nightmare. I was in my room and I knew this one is real. Outside the window was pitch black from the midnight. The TV was left off and the only light source was the light from the slightly opened closet door near the rightmost corner of the room – a subtle nightlight. All my gadgets were away from the bed. Everything was the way it was when I left them. With the fatigue, I had to go back to a deep slumber.


I was struggling. I was still dreaming and I knew it still was. It was not the end and all I knew was to live by it while I was sleeping. It was like running to a conclusion without a clear choice. It was linear. I was stuck like being stuck in Silent Hill.

Inside the dream, I was running away from something. It seems that I was not alone too. I was running with someone I knew but I don’t know in real life. He was recognizable in the dream. We were running away from a creature in a lake, only to be saved when we stepped on a dock-like stepping. I was able to flick a lever to drain the water. There was nothing around to see. The crocodile-like monster was nowhere in sight. Realizing that it can also run on land, it was best to find another safe spot. So we continued running and running to search for a safe place. It was a pitch black night and it was hard to find a safe place. It looks as if we were at an abandoned water-themed amusement park. A reminder of the abandoned Disney water-themed park in the Bahamas I heard off from the internet. Being in Disneyland a couple of days ago made me feel like I was being toyed with in this nightmare. My memories to be exact. 

We found a very dark doorway. It was already dark in the dream but in this doorway, it was pitch black. The fear I had stopped me from entering this doorway but that didn’t stop the one I was with. I didn’t know what could be lurking inside so I tried to call back the one I was with. He stopped just after a few steps after I mentioned what unknown things might be inside. After all, it was a nightmare. Everything unknown felt overpowering. I had no idea what could attack us and what would happen if we were killed inside this dream? There was no light and all we could do was run.

I was suddenly in his senses. I could see what he was seeing and feel what he was feeling, but without any control. From his position, there were two more doorways. One on his left and, of course, one on his right. He held a flashlight and turned to his left to see nothing. Nothing beyond the light but black. Not one wall or any object. Just black. Turning to the other, making a complete turn, sent a complete shock as an image of a women’s chin and mouth suddenly lurked out. I felt the shock and of course the fear. In his point of view, he was paralyzed. 

I knew that pulling him out of the doorway was the best option but it seems I was locked. I was permanently in the other person’s point of view. Paralyzed. My right hand holding the flashlight pointed outside the doorway hoping to be pulled out from the dark but no one was pulling me out. I was stuck there beside the woman who was talking in a really scary voice. She was like an insane person from the asylum and I felt she would grab me further into the darkness. I didn’t look at her nor try to listen. It felt as if she was ready to take me. Her voice was creepy but I didn’t focus on her. I was focusing on moving and running away. I knew this was a nightmare that I had to wake myself up from. The problem was that I couldn’t move! I couldn’t do anything, not even fighting back. I wasn’t sure of my fate if I didn’t make it out alive. Thankfully, with the slightest move of my arm, I gained my eyes back!


I saw my room as how I left it but I had no muscle to control. Only my eyes. I still laid paralyzed and I horrifyingly brought the nightmare with me! Beside the edge of the bed was a figure of a white girl wearing an old white dress. She was a more realistic version of Lucy Vanpelt. Her hair was curly and the design of her dress was quite an old century dress. Yet, everything was white! Plus the only light source from the closet door gave her a silhouette. I knew she was a being out of this world. I didn’t stop to think she was real. She was a ghost. I tried to look closer but my sight was blurry. She was looking at me directly as I tried to see her face clearly. However, there was nothing to see because her face was a white static! I really started to freak out!

She was getting closer but without a step. She slid or floated near me. She was holding her hand up and about to touch my knee. I was screaming in my mind but I was still paralyzed. I tried to move any part of my body or scream but I couldn’t. I only murmured. Hoping I could wake anyone up. She was close to touching me but pulled her hand back and did it again the second time. She was toying with me as I freaked out in my head. She did it again for the third time! Who knew what would happen if she touched me!? It was like I was struggling for my life!

I tried to move any part of my body. I was fighting for my life. My muscles were dead and I was telling my mind to move. While doing so, she slowly moved farther away. She knew I was regaining myself. And when I did, she faded like smoke and she was gone out of sight.


My eyes were heavy but I couldn’t get back to sleep. I was scared that if I go back to sleep, I would have another horrible nightmare. I couldn’t turn on the TV because the power switch is broken. All my gadgets were not on the bed. I fear that by putting any of my limbs out of the bed, I will be pulled by something lurking in the dark or under my bed. I’ve never felt so terrified in my life. To think that nightmares would go out of my sleep just to make fun of me is very unsettling. I didn’t know if I was still in reality of in a nightmare so I stayed in this position until the sun starts to brighten up the sky outside. It gave me the courage to grab my phone and laptop just near the bed. I recollected everything I could remember to write all this down. I couldn’t forget the girl’s static face. Is that what all ghost faces look like? Is that why they always hide their face? I am still creeped out and in fear that if I go back to sleep, I would be in another nigtmare that I couldn’t get out of.


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