State of Grace

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. – Lao Tzu

There has been a change in the air this year. In a long span of time, the cries were finally being heard. Desires have been catered to as if it was a long forgotten totem dusted to perfection. The engravings are done neatly well and are deeply intricate yet not a single speck has been examined in the test of time.


I see the unwavering command beginning way back. I have come to realize that these present days are only linked to what they say and instruct. The belief that something new and something great will happen after a chapter ends starts to fade. I felt a curse implanted onto my spine and now I am dragging my doddery feet. The despairs of forever being the lost prey being chased by the vicious lineage.


I was willing to close the book as if reaching the sky to pull down the last pages. If by rare chance, I could jump into another book I might have to seize it forever. There is the thin line between the anguishing sea and the floating islands in the sky. I would willingly be lost in the clouds but the sea drowns me and locks me underneath its thick dark blue waters.


The breath of fresh air. Somehow. When I lost everything, I found myself. The force of nature does not hurry when I listened to it. The steadfast rush of blood has blinded the sights of many. The silence spoke to me for the very first time and I moved closer to it. There is more to nothing than there is underneath the stars.


The only way to move is by the wind. The only sound to listen is the silence. The only sight to see is nothing. They never disrupt the natural flow of thought. I know, as if by magic, what’s supposed to be accomplished. The state of grace brought forth the golden age.


I am at ease, knowing the falling leaves have saved me. That when falling, they fall with elegance and wither with graceful colors. As long as the tree stands tall, it’s a chance to spur with a brand new philosophy. 


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