Hong Kong – Part 2: Where the Magic Begins

You can’t just let nature run wild.
– Walt Disney –

I’ve spoiled this one already. On the previous day, I’ve witnessed a great night life in Hong Kong. Now, on the 15th of April, 2017, It’s a brand new day and the daylight is waiting for me to run young and wild. Money, powerbank, comfortable footwear, I’m all set for a long fulfilling day in Hong Kong Disneyland.

Day 2 – Hong Kong Disneyland

I remember back in my country we used to need cars to get us to the farthest places especially when public transport is not all the time a viable option. I bet it’s the same for most countries.

In Hong Kong, however, the train system raised a new experience for me and it’s amazing. The train system was pretty smart, fast and convenient that there are trains everywhere going everywhere even to the farthest spots in Hong Kong. They are actually called the MTR (Mass Transit Railway). All we had to do was go to the nearest train station, use the octopus, strategically plan routes, and get down at the destination before finally using the octopus card again.

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It’s very fun actually. Jumping on one train route to the other doesn’t sound as complicated given the convenience. Plus, there are trains passing every 5 minutes so the trains are never crowded and there’s no need to hassle for one. Never did it feel full or has it ever been hot. I am really falling in love with such a perfectly designed train system.

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Upon reaching the Sunny Bay station, we had to walk to the pink train line which was an exclusive line going back and forth Disneyland. We were greeted by a Disney themed train with Mickey Mouse windows. Inside, the trains were bright and welcoming. Old Disney photos hung up reminding the legacy of Walt Disney. Small figures of Disney characters are kept safely displayed in glasses on many walls of the train. Even the train handrails were Mickey Mouse heads. Inside the train, we felt like we were brought to a magical land. And it’s only the beginning.

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As we know it, we are transported to a different time and place. The Disneyland station felt it belonged in the 1900’s. A giant clock can be seen inside a huge and classy interior. It would’ve felt more fitting if people wore coats, suits, dresses, and hats. That would be too much, however.

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Mickey Mouse has then sent us a warm welcome with open arms. “Welcome to Disneyland.” That’s only the welcoming arch. From there, the entrance walkway stretches far and wide where Mickey Mouse greets us again surfing up and down the middle of a fountain. The water effects made it looks as if the Mickey Mouse statue itself is being lifted up and down just by the pressure of the water. It was a magnificent welcome.

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On that bright morning, it was the perfect moment to be the youth that I am. Beautiful people with beautiful smiles. Theatrical rhythms linger in the sweet air. Surely, I know I just entered a world of walking broomsticks and magical flying carpets.

Main Street, U.S.A. 
I loved how the first welcome theme in Disneyland was always kept at a minimum. It felt like a simple walk in the park. The buildings are neatly designed as stores, cafes, and restaurants. There’s nothing special here, really, and that’s what makes it stand out. The simplicity speaks so much quality.

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From here we decided to take the train to Fantasyland. My aunts figured it would be nice to pay tribute to all the performers of Disneyland if we were to watch the Flights of Fantasy Parade. That’s the most decent thing we could ever do, actually, to all the great performers out there in Disneyland. We’re up for it.

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There’s something about stepping off trains and seeing a different world here in Hong Kong. We’re now in a world of fairies and princesses. In just a few minutes they’ll be starting the parade. We sat just right beside the road where the parade would march on and readied to record the experience. And, in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… the band played on. When the gate in the distance opened, the pages of a magical fairy tale book opened.

When the pages flipped open, the characters stepped out like magic. Characters that I only used to dream about were right in front of me waving their hands with joy. Dancers were twirling around with blissful movements. The mighty animals of the jungle trumped strongly to the beat of the drums. The toys were walking fearlessly as I’ve never seen before.

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One of the first rides we took was It’s a Small World. We walked into this small colorful kingdom. There was this castle which had these little puppet robots dressed in cute outfits dancing and chasing around on what looks like a balcony of the castle. We stepped inside a small opening on the side. For a minute I felt like I was Alice in Wonderland. Inside we rode on this small boat ride and saw all these little people dressed in different countries’ traditional outfits singing a common song but in different languages. They pranced around happily in rhythm

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After some ice cream, we lay low and had a fun 4-D experience at Mickey’s Philhar Magic where Mickey was supposed to play a magical orchestra but instead, Donald Duck interrupted and caused massive chaos when he wore the wizards hat. We felt the steams and the drizzles of water from the experience. The stereo was amazing. We felt the characters were all moving around us. The 3D was undeniably comfortable to our eyes. It’s my first time ever to experience a very well implemented 3D effect plus the 4D.

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But it was time for some serious stuff when we made our way to Tomorrowland. We broke into the Star Wars scene at the ride Hyperspace Mountain. We waited for the longest line here which didn’t take more than 10 minutes. Disneyland was impressive when it comes to crowd control. There was hardly a long time to wait as there was a decent cycle in their rides.

We sat on and took off. The roller coaster entered into what seems like a portal to space. It was pitch black inside so there’s no telling what would happen. The only things we see were the stars and they looked beautiful. Once we hit hyperjump the wheels started blazing. We moved so fast dodging the holograms of TIE fighters and Rebel X-Wing Starfighters. We moved in all directions trying to avoid the dogfight. It was very exhilarating. Everyone was screaming intensely inside the dark. It was the most amazing rides in the park!

We stumbled next on The Iron Man Experience. How was our hero Tony Spark? Busy still as he saved our lives in another 4D experience. This one is more amazing I could say. In Philhar Magic we get to experience playful effects but in this one it was intense! Everyone was being thrown around in an Iron Man suit all around Hong Kong. The chairs literally felt like we were being bumped left and right. When the forces of Hydra blasts us with the lasers, we literally felt the impact of that blast. It was crazy and at the same time, it was fun. Problem was that one more 4D experience like that would probably make me throw up!


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We had a meal in Tomorrowland’s Starliner Diner. If the heroes of Tomorrowland – Buzz Lightyear, Iron Man, Luke Skywalker – needed protein-rich meat for their brawns to punch the gut out of their enemies, surely, Starlight Diner must serve those kinds of dishes. Well in fact, yes. Starlight Diner features a manly selection of Beef Burgers, Fried Chicken Basket, Fish & Chips, Grilled Chicken Breasts, and Grilled Steak. I personally needed the Chicken Breasts! Though it’s really pricey to dine in Disneyland I must say. HK$ 100 is a high value but at least I enjoyed so much hot sauce again.

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Our last experience in Tomorrowland was Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. It’s similar to It’s a Small World but this ride was made interactive. We had laser guns for shooting the aliens and a steering wheel to face left and right. Each hit counts as we gain points!

We made a quick run into the other places we haven’t been to yet. In Toy Story Land, we were now toys as we walked under everything gigantic. The feeling of being in a toy’s party felt right. I loved the decorations and the creativity put into this. I felt like we were in a little big world. I’m happier to see Woody walking around the place and too bad I wasn’t able to take a picture with him. He was my favorite!

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Down at Mystic Point, it seemed we found a way to a mysterious place hidden in the forest. Forest sounds can be heard in the background and there were antique decorations everywhere. It seems that there’s a mansion there run by a Lord Henry who invented a  Magneto-Electric Carriage. His strange carriage took us around his home where we saw his collection of antiques from around the world but with a twist. It seems his mischievous monkey-assistant named Albert opened a magical music box that made everything go nuts. At least, he was able to take care of it before Lord Henry came back home.

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Grizzly Gulch was one of my most favorite places in Hong Kong Disneyland. The theme was the old American wild west. The buildings looked wonky and old. It’s here when my Aunt Kit and I tried that one particular ride I loved which was called Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars. The name sounds quite forgettable but the experience was extreme. I remembered how it started off as a simple roller coaster ride until we were thrown left and right inside the wonky mining caves of Grizzly Mountain. And once we arrived at the summit, the foolish bear just blasted a ton amount of TNT which backtracked our roller coaster ride at twice the speed. It’s the most and memorable ride I’ve had.

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We still had few minutes to catch up to the “Mickey and the Wonderous Book” show at Disney’s Storybook Theater in Fantasyland. We watched the performers sang live starring Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Olaf, and 4 Disney Princesses. Ariel, Merida, Rapunzel, and Elsa. Their performance was spectacular.

We finished the whole show to meet Disneyland during the night. To think that Disneyland was wonderful through the day, it was yet another experience at night. The lights still brought life to Disneyland. If I had the chance, I would try to scope out all the wonderful views at night. I did see how wonderful everything looked at in Fantasyland but I wonder how space looking it be in Tomorrowland, or how the Toy Story Land would look like with the Christmas lights being lit. The night was totally another experience that leaves Disneyland as a totally magical place during all hours.


The final spectacle was on Main Street, U.S.A. It was none other than the Disney in the Stars Fireworks show. It was in that event where everybody nestled to their positions along Main Street in front of Cinderella’s Castle. Fireworks rose far and high along with the music. It was a hair-raising experience and reminds the people how great and happy the wonderful world of Disney is. (Sadly, we were stuck in Fantasyland when the show happened which explains the weird video)

There’s still many great things in Disneyland but the last hours of the day were inevitable. We brought our last merchandise of the day. No matter how pricey the merchandise was, the memorabilia serves as a token that we were once in a place of magic.

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Our last sights were the lights of Main Street, U.S.A. Ten thousand steps made our feet hurt but it was a worthy and unforgettable experience. Each step going back to where we started was sad to bear. Everyone tried to spend their happiest last hours as well as us. Passing through the buildings and the fountain, we found ourselves behind the arch of where it all started. Mickey Mouse still has his arms open. “Thank You for Visiting.” He brought a smile to my face. Farewell, my friend! I wish I would see you again soon!

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I will forever miss and love this magical day in my life. It will always be uncertain to have another rare experience like this. I have nothing else to say but just thank you! To the people who were there with me and of course, to Hong Kong Disneyland and it’s wonderful people. The memories will always be in my heart. I hope you continue bringing a smile to everyone’s faces, young or old. The magic never wears off. It’s your everlasting duty to take people into your magical worldand make them smile like I did. Till next time!

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The final ride felt as if we were awakened after a very long dream. As we took the step out, the magical book had closed itself. The story has ended a happily ever after but the magic never will. The magic will live on in our hearts forever and always. Our eyes opened and before we knew it, we were back in the great city of Hong Kong.


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