Resident Evil: Vendetta is here and 5 reasons why fans should watch it

The release of this year’s new addition to the CG film series, Resident Evil: Vendetta, was presented in Japan on May 27 and will be shown on June 19 in North America. There is no doubt that fans are hyped for this film to hit the big screen. However, not a single word was mentioned for the rest of Asia so I was left wondering. Coincidentally on June 9, I was at the mall when I saw ‘Resident Evil: Vendetta’ under the now showing list. As a fan, I watched the film and it’s every bit of Resident Evil I demanded. It was an overly satisfying movie that fans in North America would truly wait for. It left me something to remember and something to talk about. And thus I bring you 5 reasons why Resident Evil deserves to be watched.

I’ll do my best to tone down the spoilers


Enter the survival horror… again

Let’s begin with the first scenes of the movie.

It starts with footsteps. Yes, the footsteps bear significance to classic Resident Evil horror mainly because it’s a reminder that you are alone or if you’re not, you are attracting anything lurking in the corners. It starts the mood for a nice horror film.

After that scene, we were led by Chris Redfield in his mission to capture Glenn Arias, the antagonist. Set in a mansion in the woods, we get to see the door open to reveal the huge foyer much like in the Resident Evil remake. The mansion is dark and eerie. Zombies are hiding in the dark and silence. And there’s even a was well-organized dining room with kitchenwares and lit candles. Everything is strange and doesn’t make sense which is pure Resident Evil. Later on, zombies attack and everything turns chaotic for Chris and his team. Zombies from under the bed would start to attack. It’s creepy and at the same time, it’s fresh. This scene really brought scares especially in a nearly empty cinema.

Also, fans will be surprised to see a rendition of the iconic Resident Evil scene from the very first game. It’s a clever addition to the horror segments of the film. Bringing classic horror is one of the best things in this film.


The name is Rebecca Chambers, but that’s *Professor* Chambers to you.

Resident Evil has tons of memorable characters and every comeback of a character is highly anticipated. In this film, we finally see Rebecca Chambers after the ‘mansion incident’.

We’ve last seen her way back in Resident Evil 0 in her own prequel game and I thought I would never see her again in any title. In this film, she is now 37 years and a professor at a university in Chicago. She’s come a long way since 1998. Professor Chambers shows a love of research and throughout the years she continuously studies the different viruses to help stop the bioterrorism and outbreaks. She stands out in the story because of her dedication to saving lives. She has proved to be mature but at the same time, she retains her lovable personality. She still does that thumbs-up gesture when she meets Chris in the university and did it again near the end of the movie. She’s still brave enough to handle zombies but still has a knack of being rescued by Chris. We also learn her love of Caramel Macchiatto. In the film, she helps develop the vaccine for the new virus that saved herself when she was exposed. It feels good to see this kind of transition from her especially in a series where most of the characters are meeting their tragic states. All the time she kept her cool to herself much like Claire Redfield.

Her appearance is not the only reason that’s good but it’s because we finally get more out of the characters that we weren’t able to see in the past years. Sure, we were given so many new characters but it felt as if Capcom just throws in random people in and let them disappear later. At least, this time they brought back a character that fans wonder about.

Personal depth of the characters

Rebecca Chambers history is one thing we never learn and thus revealed by herself in this film. She, herself, mentions that her involvement with S.T.A.R.S. was a means of showing that she cares about helping people but in a way that she uses her smarts than her brawns, unlike Chris. That very small detail brings more color to Rebecca since we never truly know anything else about her. But what about the two heroes Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy? This movie, however, reveals a deeper depth for these heroes.

Along the franchise, we always see them do what they do best – saving the world. But, we never really know them deeper. For the first time, Leon Kennedy revealed a side we never knew he had. He dabbles about the cycle of dealing with bioterrorism and how it’s become a nonsense fight. He starts resisting to cooperate and it’s hard to blame him. Being an agent is hard work, but being Leon Kennedy is unimaginable. On the other hand, we have Chris. A popular figure in the B.S.A.A. but continuously stresses about the loss of his comrades. In spite of his successes, he lost many friends along the way. Almost all of his team gets wiped out every time a new mission ensues. We’ve recently seen a tragic loss of Piers Nivans in Resident Evil 6 and we have no clue what happened to his partner Jill Valentine after being rescued from her abduction. They both have their tragic moments in the film that we never have seen before and this brings a good dilemma to the story’s characters. This brings a deeper color to them than we’ve ever known.


We both want the same thing here

We’ve finally seen Chris and Leon cross paths with each other in Resident Evil 6. It’s what fans were waiting for in years! It was one of the best events in Resident Evil 6 but it felt too short.

In this follow-up, however, we get to see them again and in more interesting scenes. When they meet each other, tension builds up. Chris held many grudges over bioterrorism and Leon finds sees fighting a worthless cause. They just couldn’t agree on anything together. At least, when Rebecca interrupted, they were reminded of the one thing they both are fighting for. When trouble later ensues, our heroes settled to fight for their main purpose. One of the best things about this film is how they were able to cooperate with each other and put their differences to good use. I’ve never seen a duo such epic in any Resident Evil title. Imagine having to pair two main heroes. We have a duo that’s badass. This is the kind of teamwork where both need not for too many discussions. No need to say it, you know what to do. These fighters do as they please for their common goal and they are never to be messed around with. Indeed one of the best things is their fight against the horde of zombies up to the last battle. However, they simply still cannot survive on their own without the aid of the other. In the end, they put a stop to their main enemy together like real partners.

It’s a classic, but fresh out of the box.

There are so many elements in the film that’s undoubtedly interesting to remember. With the long history of the franchise, I’ve never expected to see quite a handful of new elements. We do see a mansion and the zombies but it’s the first time I’ve seen zombies attack from under the bed. It’s fresh out of the phobia box for viewers like me who still have nightmares.

Speaking of zombies, they can be turned back to normal in this film. Personally, I find this disturbing. As soon as they are cured they started celebrating. I don’t know about them but I wouldn’t be happy to consider myself a cannibal who just ate raw human meat. Other than that, at least we learn that there’s still hope once you’re a zombie. It goes to show how far the world of bioterrorism has become.

We also have an interesting antagonist for the film, Glenn Arias who is responsible for the many outbreaks in North America but unlike many antagonists in the Resident Evil universe, he has a decent backstory that made him the enemy that he is. Enemies like Wesker and Morgan Landsdale are just bad because they are. But Glenn is a different fellow. I won’t spoil the details but since a tragic incident, he has become insane to the point that he plans to transplant his wife’s severed arm onto Rebecca. We’ve never got the chance to see an insane antagonist quite like him and he is uniquely a powerful enemy by the way he was able to fight Chris.

Lastly, I’d like to add one small interesting detail in this film. In the end, our heroes work hand in hand to the ultimate lifeform. Yes, there’s going to be a new tyrant in this film and it’s going to mutate like William Birkin. However, we couldn’t have such a battle and call it a classic if it wasn’t for the popular countdown. It’s been a while since we’ve seen that in Resident Evil. However, there’s a twist. We don’t see the countdown as a self-destruct sequence, rather, it’s a countdown of turning into a zombie. All the time that’s happening, everything is stopping our heroes. There’s just no moment where this will end this further brings fear to an impending doom.


Overall, this film will be one of the best CG films in the Resident Evil series and it brought respect to the title and its characters. Apart from what I mentioned, there’s more to this film that will surely bring fans to their feet. I would love to recommend this to every fan of the series. It’s a pure horror film that filled with interesting characters and conflicts. Every aspect of the film, new and old, holds significance to Resident Evil. With the stunning visuals, there’s really food detail for the gory enemies and the bloodshed. It’s a must see for all fans!



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