Hong Kong: Part 3 – Diverse Depths (Discovering Hong Kong)

To travel is to take a journey into yourself.
– Danny Kaye

Hong Kong stands our for its dense city, rich culture, and premium attractions. On the first night, witnessing Kowloon granted an eye-opening experience. Seeing a new place for the first time made me feel overwhelmed and crazy at most. The second day led us to the one and only Hong Kong Disneyland. The magic felt like we were in the world of Fantasia! Indeed, it was the best day of my life. I was the youngest and happiest I’ve ever been!

To think we’ve had enough? Of course not! Hong Kong was right under our noses. There’s still a day and a half left for us and there are more to discover. Alright then, like ships sailing, we ventured out seeking new places to explore and wander. We begged to know what else is left in store for us in Hong Kong?

DAY 3 – Playful Antics

Ocean Park

Being away from Disneyland was like being homesick. In such a place we felt safe within magical walls and guided by fun and lovable characters. For the better of us, we trailed the great and grand Ocean Park where wildlife thrives and every corner deserves to be explored! At the cost of HK$385 per adult, we took a turn to the wonders of nature. I loved the idea of having the whole part dedicated to animals across the world. The seas, the skies, the mountains, everything was there!

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We rode via various MTR routes. The train was specially designed to cater to the awaiting nature experience. Once we arrived, we were greeted adorable and quirky animals wearing great smiles and bright colors.

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Seeing it from the ground, I’ve never anything as huge as this! Even though we mostly moved by foot, the pains were worth it. There’s always something new in every corner that leaves the guests with something new to see!

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We visited the Grand Aquarium which housed hundreds of underwater species that thrives in both day and night. It’s an aquarium that caters all the amazing sea creatures. Among the many aquariums, I’ve seen this had to be the best because it’s Ocean Park!

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In Hong Kong Jockey Club Sichuan Treasures, seeing the pandas was no exception! It’s hard not to resist these adorable furries. The pandas do nothing all day but eat bamboos. One of the cutest things I’ve seen that day. Oh, there’s also a couple of show-off monkeys near them. Their branching skills are superb! But of course, the pandas will always be among the cutest!

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We met more adorable mammals in Adventures in Australia. In here, we were led to a cold room that smelled of eucalyptus. We have to keep silent as to not disturb the peace of koalas. I’ve never seen koalas before. They’re adorable with their big ears! We also saw a couple of wallabies and some nice looking birds. It’s honestly one of the most peaceful places in the park. I wish I could find a home in a place as peaceful as this. That would be fantastic!

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Ocean Park also shares its fair share of history with the addition of Old Hong Kong to the park. This place showcases the look of Hong Kong we might never get to see again! Probably in the 50’s generation, the place was enlivened so much by the old school aesthetics that’s complete with various traditional Hong Kong food. It’s a must to witness this small area.

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To get to the bottom, or top, of things, the Cable Car is a must! I personally think that it’s the perfect ride for anyone in Ocean Park. It’s a complete package of relaxing and thrilling. This is also probably the most convenient ride as it goes the distance from The Waterfront to The Summit – two of the major parts of the park, in contrast with the underwhelming Ocean Express. This ride gave me nostalgia and excitement once we saw the views the higher we go. Considering that it’s lengthy, it’s worth every minute!

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There are so many rides in the summit that are worth noticing. Or course, there was The Dragon and The Ferris Wheel. Disclaimer though, they’re very extreme especially they’re platformed against the edge of the mountains. It’s a once in a lifetime adrenaline rush so why not?! Problem was that the line was way too long on an Easter Sunday that I just had to skip these. Probably next time maybe!

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One of our last visits was the Shark Mystique right after lunch. This is practically the same as the Grand Aquarium only that the creatures inside are a hundred times bigger than fishes, have sharp teeth and aggressive looking faces. Honestly, they look gigantic! The sizes of them looked like they could break the glass upon impact! At least, the stingrays seemed to be really friendly. There was one which revealed its smile against the glass! How cute!

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There’s still much in the park I couldn’t mention but I’ll be honest that it’s worth a day to explore. Various kinds of restaurants, attractions, and merchandise are scattered all over especially the animals! There’s still a bunch of animals I wanted to see like the penguins, jellyfishes, and, of course, my spirit animal – otters! Sadly, we had a lack the lack of time and left before the night sets. Still, for everyone visiting, it’s still amazing!

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Mong Kok Night Life & Night Market

The loudest and liveliest place to ever be seen. Right there in Mong Kok, the streets flooded with performers from all over the country. It’s never a dull and quiet moment there as everything and everyone moved around. I’ve never witnessed a bigger picture to what I’ve first seen in Hong Kong. This place may sound not for the faint of heart but actually, being the peace seeker that I am, I never expected I would enjoy seeing so many beautiful people. In this place, I felt more connected to the city than every before!

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“Giuchie, Giuchie, ya ya dada, Giuchie, Giuchie, ya ya here, Mocha Choca lata ya ya.” entertainers sang under the bright lights of the signs. In each distance, new sets of people are watching new groups of talented performers. It was like an outdoor disco house!

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Mong Kok is also called Ladies Market because of many bazaars. In the streets within the streets, there are all sorts of bazaars selling various merchandise. From clothes, toys, and even mahjong sets, there’s a long list of things to find and buy. The fun thing about this is the haggling. I never learned how to haggle well but it’s amusing to see my aunt haggle with the Chinese woman. They’re really straightforward which amazes me. With her help, I was able to buy a traditional Chinese dress for my sister at a sweet price!

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Perfect Chinese Cookery

Within Soy Street near Fa Yuen Street in Mong Kok, we stumbled upon a random Chinese restaurant and it has authentic written all over it! None of us knew what the name of the place was but the good part is that there’s english in the menu. So thank God.

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There’s a bunch of Chinese dishes to try and it was hard to make up my mind. In these kinds of situations, we had to make sure to make the right choice. Then again, we had no choice. But why bother with it?! I’m in Hong Kong! Why should I stay protected? That’s what makes me wild because I can be up for anything! So without looking at the list, I placed my finger down to a random dish in the menu and the rest is history!

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The stay was worth it. Each of us had varying dishes in our plates. Each single one tasted well. I didn’t remember the names, however, but the authentic dishes are worth the HK$40 average meal. It’s also rare to have our waiters entertain us! They’re simply comedian legends! They joked about our food being bad but takes it back with thumbs down and thumbs up signs. One waiter drew a picture of Doraemon and pointed to a co-waiter. Even though speaking different languages, they were able to communicate great humor! Who knew this place would turn out to be a piece of gem? They truly made my day!

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DAY 4 – Day Tour Finale

Harbor Side

We have nothing grand planned so that gave us the time to just walk around to witness the city in the brightest hour. The daytime brought Hong Kong to its bright and bustling counterpart. Walking along the crowds for the last time felt like I was a fish soon be fished. Even though I knew no one, it will always be a pleasure to walk among the busy and beautiful people in Hong Kong.Processed with VSCO with acg


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For some reason, bringing ourselves to the harbor side was a moment to lament over the inevitable. The view of the buildings over the glistening waters was simply beautiful! We still have a few hours to be captivated. And that’s the thing! We are adventurous tourists! We had a few more hours and no time to sit around! As we knew it, we set off again to leave our marks as gifted travelers.

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Harbor Side Mall

Though malling may not be the best next option, it gave us time to look around. As most malls I’ve seen, there was a majority of western stores. There’s still a mixture of both western and local shops. One brand that I really like is Izzue. I was able to obtain one of their nice quality jackets through some discount stores in Pampanga at a very cheap price. I love that jacket. When I checked for a brand new item, it costs around HK$1,800! Expensive but good quality. That’s one shop I would really recommend for tourist especially it’s not available elsewhere. There’s still tons of stores to browse through, though.Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

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I wouldn’t let this trip pass without a blissful cup of Starbucks coffee. One of my initial goals in this trip is to get a cup of coffee from Starbucks and also to score a Hong Kong tumbler! It’s a good thing I still had a couple of cash left and snagged the best-looking tumbler. Granted I get a free grande coffee with my tumbler, I did my goal 2-in-1! Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to chill with a  cup coffee and I consider it a complete experience whenever I get to someplace new. Especially, it’s one of the final hours, it’s a time to look back.



The Disneyland, the Ocean Park, the wifi, the KFC, the tea… No matter how much was accomplished, it has to be that it’s only 10% of a journey. Hong Kong was always riddled with surprises! I bet there are more for my feet to reach that I couldn’t yet. Our feet took us anywhere we can go and despite not seeing anything new anymore, we were still making it memorable.

It was a great run while it lasted. We were aboard the train going back to the airport which quickly reminded me that it would be my last moments. The doors felt like it was closing as I walk back outside to the real world. No more would I feel the cold air, the great outdoors and even the musk that I have grown accustomed to. Traveling far is one of the best things I could ever experience and I made a promise to go back to the great and wonderful Hong Kong!




  1. Your pictures!!!! Wow!! There amazing! My favourite is the panda!! How close where you!!!! Thats amazing!! Great attention to detail you really made Hong Kong come alive!! Thanks so much for sharing!! I miss this place so much! I loved our trip here!! You nailed it! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! I didn’t expect it to be that nice. I wasn’t too close because the panda was protected behind the glass so that’s the farthest I can get to. I actually have a video of it walking towards the food.

      Anyway thanks again for appreciating the blog! I miss Hong Kong already too! Happy blogging 🙂 Hope I can keep making content like this.


      • Wow, the photo looks so up close! Whatever you took it on is cool!! I love videos! I have started getting into them and trying my hand at editing…. So far not so good but practise makes perfect 🙂

        I miss it to, what a place!! Good luck and keep at it!!


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