Versatile Blogger Award Nomination

Today, it’s time to appreciate the small achievements through the blessings of blogging and writing. That’s right! Thanks to Jessie from Two Little Homeschoolers I realized that I’ve come a long way with this blog as I was nominated for the “Versatile Blogger Award!”

Go check out her blog while I reward myself with a piece of cake!

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To start off, what is this award nomination thing?

The Versatile Blogger Award is given to other talented bloggers across the globe to represent their work. I dug through the net and found out that this award is for those who have unique content.

What are there rules to this?

  • As a courtesy, share gratitude the blogger who nominated you and share their link.
  • Choose ten (or 15), new lucky winners, to receive the award. You have to tell them of course.
  • And, share 7 facts about yourself that readers don’t know.

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7 Facts About Myself

  1. I’ve not shared so much of myself other than the few hints on my site so I start with my name. Enrique Apari Jr. is my given birth name and my common name is Ace. At least, it’s something new I’ve never really shared. The reason I don’t share much about myself is that I want readers to be more in depth through my wild journies instead of just me.
  2. If I have to choose between city or the countryside I’ll probably have a hard time choosing. I do love both of them and I’ll probably say I’m diverse in my travels but most of all, I prefer to live in a lodge in the foggy mountains where I can hear the elks in the woods.
  3. I’m a geek and I enjoy playing video games the most! I do tend to be a nerd at times as well. It’s the one activity I loved doing since childhood and my first ever favorite games were Resident Evil 2, Klonoa, and Chocobo’s Dungeon 2 for the PlayStation. However, Resident Evil became my most favorite game series of all time. I guess video games were my first best friends since I’m always shy around everyone. It’s what I do that takes me away from this world.Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
  4. I’m a wanderlust like many other bloggers. I consider traveling as one of the best activities. It’s ironic if I say that it takes me away from this world so I’ll just say that it clears my head of my stresses. I love the feeling of seeing new and unexpected things and it also gives me the motivation to write about something. When I travel, I always want to seize the moment and be one with the place.
  5. I love otters! It’s unusual to share my favorite animal but I am obsessed with cute river otters. It’s not much to say but people who know me might consider me being an OOD (obsessive otter disorder). What can I say except they are just simply adorable!
  6.  I’m 22 years old today. There’s nothing really spectacular about this, I know. But I’d like to take this time to commemorate all my achievements and goals. One day I might be looking back at this post and realize what I’ve gone through in these tough times. With that, I guess I’d say I love going back to the past to see the moments.
  7. That one favorite movie which is Finding Dory. For some time, yes, I love this movie. I know there are better movies out there. This movie, to be honest, was not all that great for me until that one part near the end where Dory gave one of the best lessons about life. That life is not about plans and being stuck in a glass box, and that the best things happen by chance because that’s life.


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And sometimes life is about coffee…


Alright, so that’s enough about me. Here are some other great blogs that I like. They’re pretty awesome so come check them out! You’ll learn a lot.


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