Video Game Haul #1 – Summer 2017

Nothing beats spending vacant summer days holding a controller playing video games. That’s why before my official unemployed summer days, I collected a bunch of titles to delve into for the summer. That’s right! Andrew Ryan once spoke that “A man chooses, a slave obeys.” This time I choose to slave my summer away doing what I love and no one should ever give a damn about it. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Just a quick note, the consoles I used for these are the Nintendo 3DS and the Xbox 360. And also, I have certain difficulties with screenshots of the game so I might not provide images for some. My apologies on that.

  1. The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D

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    Nintendo will always stand out to have exclusive games among its arsenal. One of which is the adventure-packed The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask 3D.  What’s more unique about this game than the rest of the series is that it delves into an uncanny and unsettling tone. Though not really horror, the game surely has some fair share of chills. Things like the hand in the toilet, a gigantic grinning moon, alien abductions, communicating with the dead, and even the music. Everything adds up perfectly to the Legend of Zelda formula.

    In the game, we also get a 3-day cycle and within those days, the moon is slowly ending the world. So it’s a challenge to accomplish as much in 3 days. It’s not easy especially with a long list of quests that adheres to specific time and days. You can repeat the cycle but it refreshes everything so tasks must be done quickly but carefully. Additionally, there are many characters and events that may or may not affect the cycle entirely depending on the players’ actions. The good thing is that players get rewards like masks to help them progress. The masks also change the way the player interacts with the game. All of those elements make the game a fresh experience. Plus, with the improved 3D visuals, the game looks stunning compared to its initial release on the N64.


  2. The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons

    I’ve decided to roll another Zelda game into this list if ever I find myself finishing the Majora’s Mask quickly (in which not!). Instead of a new game, however, I choose a more retro title that’s not too aged for today’s standards. So I ended up purchasing this title from Nintendo eShop at $5.99 and I’m playing it as a Virtual Console for my Nintendo 3ds.

    Indeed, I got what I asked for in this game. I found this rather a simple game that has a simple story, simple characters, and simple gameplay that’s easy to follow. However, it adds it’s own flair with the manipulation of seasons which I find really amazing. It’s like a mash-up of Legend of Zelda and Harvest Moon. The changes in seasons change all visuals and open new path that makes a big deal out of exploration. And that’s the fun part too as the game is riddled with secrets and puzzles that players may need to use specific items or simply their common sense in order to progress. Along the way, there are some pretty amusing characters to come across which adds some fun to the game like a flying blue bear and a boxing kangaroo. It’s originally released for the Gameboy Color and it’s presentation in the 3DS screen really made the colors and details stand out especially as seasons change. It’s a lighthearted game that’s a good recommendation for people fresh to the series.

  3. Kid Icarus Uprising

    Processed with VSCO with f3 presetI got this one during my trip to Hong Kong. At around HK$180 (that’s only around $23), I got a great deal with it. The whole set was intact containing the sealed AR cards and the stand that has no marks whatsoever. It was so clean that it might perhaps be brand new!

    Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

    However, the package is not worth mentioning as the game itself speaks greater. During the first minutes of gameplay, I’m awed by the creativity put into the game. The beginning basically taught me how to get through the combat system with the use of a stylus on one hand and the other for the circle pad and L trigger. I find myself more comfortable without the stand. All the while having to traverse the stunning sky and groundbreaking music. The anime-like characters in the game all looked charming especially the hero, Pit, that makes the game pleasant to look at apart from the quirky looking enemies. Story wise, it’s based off Greek mythology but made more lighthearted and charming with Nintendo’s touch. In here we fight against the evil Medusa possessing the power of the underworld and it’s up for Pit to save humanity.

    The combat is worth mentioning. At first, players get to experience combat in the sky until the next segment where Pit fights from the ground. They both use the same complex controls but with a different experience. It’s something unique for the 3ds as it’s quite similar to a light-rail shooter for arcades only in this game, players control the character’s movement as well as make it slightly comfortable. Combined with tons of on-screen enemies, you’re up for an action-packed, hack and slash experience. Multiple modes available to lengthen the experience. There are hundreds of unlockables to either enhance combat or for completion purposes like figurines. But of course, this game offers multiplayer online and offline. Depending on the player, the controls might be a turn-off but I personally love every aspect of the game!

  4. The Bureau XCOM Declassified

    Processed with VSCO with f3 presetI bought it off on sale for around $5 (₱250) so I thought it would be a good title to try out for the system. In this game, we follow our hero William Carter who is sent out on a mission to eliminate humanity’s threat which is none other than ‘Aliens.’ So in the game, I felt underpowered against my enemies most of the time but the good part is that players can gain weapons of the enemies. That’s right, in order to fight there had to be a wide array of man-made and extraterrestrial weapons. It’s basically the plan within the storyline. Speaking of the storyline, I find it not that big of a deal. There are so many notes to read and choices to make during conversations but doesn’t really affect the ending in a huge way. However, I like the setting of the game. We take on the streets of 1962 America and that has been presented beautifully! The environment and character models are all excellently detailed plus the score is quite good too.

    Gameplay is also quite a new take. It’s somehow like a cross between 3rd-person shooter and strategy. In the game, players get to customize a team depending on class, weapons, and even clothing. Each member does different abilities and levels-up differently. Problem is that once they die, they die forever but at least they’re not relevant to the story. Micro-management is a must during combat since the AI moves recklessly at times. The fun part is that abilities are also out of this world as players defy the rules of gravity and such. It’s definitely a challenge while in combat but I got the hang of it later on. It’s still fun even though it may not be the best experience.

  5. Resident Evil (HD Remaster)


    I’ve been craving to play this game like I’m craving for a triple decker cheesecake! And here it is! Like the god among the list! I first played this on my cousin’s Nintendo Wii years back and I want to play this again but unfortunately, no physical copies were made for the Xbox360. At least, the game went on sale online for the system and I bought it digitally for only $9.99.

    The game follows the original heroes Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine who were led to a mysterious mansion in the Arklay Mountains. In here they are trapped within claustrophobic halls and insane dungeons while being chased around by vicious creatures in every corner. They try to find a way to escape but, instead, trouble finds them before they could. It’s the simplest storyline among all the Resident Evil games but it’s a gem that started it all!

    In it, we have a classic Resident Evil experience with some new additional tweaks! We have not only improved graphics and improved soundtrack, but also new places to explore, new creatures to deal with, and new puzzles. Players from the first game would be stumped if they played this so it’s best to consider this a game that proudly stands on its own. However, what this game and the old game both have are the scares but this one made it better.
    Resident Evil Lab

    In the game zombies just don’t die if you kill them. They had to be burned if you don’t want them to turn into fast moving and stronger crimson heads. Problem is, you have more zombies than kerosene to kill them. Then from out of nowhere, a mutated creature with multiple faces starts to attack the player. No matter how hard the player tries, the creature will never die. Later on, the player must carry a gas that will explode simply by running. How will this be done if enemies are constantly chasing the player? New doors, new puzzles, and limited sources will continue slowing down the player. There are new twists to this game that makes this game a perfect Resident Evil experience. This game is never called “Remaster” or “Remake” but this is simply just “Resident Evil”. The perfect version that everyone must try if they dare enter the survival horror.


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