Video Game Haul #2 – Nintendo Super Famicom

After a final run through of my previous game haul. The chase for retro gaming was a definite ‘necessity.’ Yes, I could never ever be a confident gamer if I wouldn’t own a retro console especially a Nintendo. Nothing compares to that pixelated color palette of an old console. I was no doubt craving for that fine piece of hardware. So the search went to find the perfect gem that sits on the dusty shelves waiting to be played. Finally, I found myself the perfect chic called the Nintendo N64 Nintendo Super Famicom!

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This console is a one of a kind charm that’s both beautiful and powerful. The Japanese Super Nintendo Famicom (SFC) is like the sister of the American Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). The aesthetics of the system looks elegant with the rounded edges and smaller buttons and switches as compared to the boxy look of the SNES. My seller laid out the system for me and I fell in love with it the moment I laid my eyes on it. Turning on the system using the switch made a loud click sound. That’s it! Welcome to the nostalgia of retro gaming!

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My console was nicely prepared complete with 2 fine pieces of controllers, all the plugins, and a pile of cartridges. My package only came in with 10 games so I took the liberty of digging up his pile of cartridges to find what I was looking for. Tried and tested, the time took an hour or two to finish everything. Pushing the cartridges into the slot to see it fail was the amusing thing about the experience. Yet most of the games worked but ones I’ve been wanting did have some tough resets before it worked. 


The controllers differed in versions. The PAL and the Asian one. Both function basically the same only that the logos are different. And for some reason, the Asian controller was really short compared to the PAL controller. Those are the only differences. Other than that, it’s the same size, same tactile feel, and the same amazing experience. 

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So finally, I’ll be talking about the packaged games. Oh, my! The 16-bit era of gaming is just an incomparable classic that sits between the gods of retro and the kings of 3D. The graphics feature a wider range of colors that took gaming to a whole new beauty right off the bat! I used the AV cable on my HDTV and I had no problems with the 16:9 resolution. Pixel by pixel of colorful beauty emitting from the screen like a stained glass window. I’m over exaggerating but that’s how I love the Super Nintendo Famicom so much! 

Low and behold! Here are the 10 cartridges I obtained:

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  • Super Mario All-Stars

Nintendo remade their major Mario titles and they did justice with it. It’s technically a remaster in an era where remastering was not yet a thing. Nintendo deserves so much credit for doing so! Everything from the audio, sprites, and moving backgrounds gave the game a brand new depth that’s both enticing for both the old players and the new ones.

  • Super Mario Kart

Probably, the ultimate party game in this list. Believe it or not, I hate racing games (except for Chocobo’s Racing in 2002 when I was 10). That’s until my cousins let me play their Wii and that changed everything! The Mario Kart Wii was the baptism that started my interest in racing games but most notably my love for the ‘Kart’ series! Visually, this game looked colorful but the objects on the track were literally flat. The technical limitations at that time limit so much of the features but it did something that no other racing games did at that time which was to make a fun gameplay of trolling enemies with power ups! I couldn’t resist the fun gameplay! Even though this game aged quite a bit, it never looses the essence of a Mario Kart game!

  • Donkey Kong Country

AMBITIOUS! What else can I say! This was a brief period where 16-bit looked 3D (thanks to Rare). This has to be the most developed game for the system in my opinion. The game is a refined piece of work as Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong moves through intricate level designs and tough enemies. I have not much to say but the game becomes too tough making it a title fit for true platforming champions.

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  • Super Mario World

The best Mario of all time had to make it on this list! In my opinion, this sets the new standards of modern Mario games. Complete with an overworld, checkpoints, unique powerups, amusing music, collectibles, and Yoshi, it’s a groundbreaking release. I freaking love this game! Of all the Mario games I played, I’ll be honest, this really had to be the best. Power-ups are amazing, the boss fights are fresh, the levels are memorable. Truly an amazing 16-bit Mario adventure.  

  • Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island

ADORABLE! It’s one word to describe this game. Featuring the story of Yoshi and Baby Mario, this game makes up a really colorful experience. It’s a 2 but it’s a prequel. Implementing the life of Baby Mario and at the same time showcasing the capability of the hardware, the game presents itself with a colorful story-book art-style. I’ve played this for quite awhile now to the point that I start naming the enemies. Seriously, the game is too cute to handle! 

  • Kirby Super Star 

Another adorable game on the list is Kirby Super Star. I played Kirby Triple Deluxe for the 3ds as my first game so I feel the similarity of the usual Kirby stuff. That gave me less excitement with this title. At least, HAL Lab tries to do new things with Kirby titles. I have to give credit by how much they’ve expanded the game with 8 playable modes! For a 16-bit hardware, that’s just a lot of content and even having a partner to team up against enemies is brand new for Kirby! Good for him/ her? I still have no idea…

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  • Street Fighter II

Without the existence of a Super Smash Brothers for the SNES/ SFC, perhaps Street Fighter II is the best option. Between this and Mortal Kombat, I’ll choose the prettier one. Mortal Kombat felt too silly in my opinion. Though neither am I a fan of both games, I’ll have to go with what my friends mostly like. I guess it’s punching and kicking for most of the game. Nothing else to say. 

  • Rockman X

Is this Megaman in the Japanese version? Perhaps. They look very similar. The game took me beyond judgment because this is quintessentially fun! I enjoyed how smooth the game works. Blasting and destroying enemies while constantly moving is a mixture of fun and action. Another game I just now learned to love!

  • The Magic Quest starring Mickey Mouse

I really had no idea what I picked up here. This is like a Rayman game when I first played it. It was fun, yes, but damn, the game gets really hard! So it is quite like a Rayman game! With a platforming featuring Mickey Mouse, everything looks fairy-tale like and colorful. Disney is pulling off an interesting start with this game. Problem was that they’re probably not targeting children to play this game because it can get quite difficult! 

  • GP-1

Another game I had no idea about but good job to my sister who chose this one. It’s racing motorcycles! How is it not fun? Well, there’s a multiplayer mode we never get tired of. However, there’s a lot of missing elements like AI opponents and music for multiplayer mode. I wonder if it has to do with hardware limitations or laziness…

So that’s the set that I got for around $50. A good price especially with the sweet line-up of games. The good part is that I didn’t leave with those alone. I was offered a bunch of accessories to have a worthwhile experience with the console!

Let’s start with the Super GameBoy Adapter. This one is free! Sweet! I got this nice thick plastic hardware to play Nintendo GameBoy games. What’s funny with this is that it’s a Game Boy without screen and speakers. Porting was an experimental thing back then. So technically I got a free Gameboy? I did have this tested and it’s funny how the screen shows a GameBoy border around the played game. Sadly, I have no GameBoy cartridges as of the moment and that’s a reason to start making a Nintendo handhelds checklist. Perfect! 

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I was also offered another adapter. This time it’s the ultimate badass of the 90’s! No one has surpassed region locking as much as a Cartridge Adapter. Before, region locking just meant reshaping consoles and cartridges and so manufacturers worked on a way to make SNES cartridges work on the SFC and vice versa. The motherboards of the consoles are actually just the same except for chassis. I got a Caesar Plus converter to play SNES cartridges for only $5! It’s a steal! Nowadays, I would pay way more on Ebay because of its rarity. I really thought I would never have this accessory until this one came along. Yet, what could I possibly use it for? Well, I still have one more bonus game!

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The only SNES game on the list which makes it 11 games in total! Offered to me at a low $14. The one and only The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Bravo! On the 26th of June, 2017, I fulfilled a gaming duty. I hope Shigeru Miyamoto is watching me from the heavens clapping his hands. I would never pass up the opportunity to play the 2nd best TLOZ game. I could’ve dropped dead when I saw the triforce on the screen and the opening music played. Good thing I was standing tall to witness this amazing moment. I have yet to indulge myself more into the game but so far, it’s like the Super Mario World of The Legend of Zelda series in terms of creating a groundbreaking title for future standards. The game features a stunning expansive overworld to explore filled with epic dungeons and battles. Tons of new items started to make its way into the game. It’s like Ocarina of Time but in 2D. A formula that would be used repeatedly in the future! This game is the best in the list for me!

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The retro gaming rave has come to a halt! Which retro games do you prefer!? Feel free to leave some suggestions!


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