Fall From Grace

Like being struck by lightning, the colorful creative thought became paralyzed. A silent banging instills for as long as I can remember. Only the deep gray ocean was visible for miles and miles away. Not one single word would jump up like dolphins no matter how long the wait. I was just a river otter floating in the wrong waters.


I was steady, I was agile, no matter how all the corners start closing itself on me; chasing a striking light that gleams deep beyond the cold waters. There existed days where the deep ends of the ocean floor never ignited me to flames. I floated above it. I stared at the ripples form into a face of a joyful little boy with a defining smile and with eyes that glow from the sunset. The eyes. They are riddled with hope.


A change of phase in the test of time. Standing on a paramount placed me in my own little glory. Right there where I stood felt like a Holy ground. Never once had I made myself look back but the pages foretold a once peaceful life. Now, stranding glorious but as a willow tree, small thorns was strong enough to break a cracked shell. Still chasing unknown.


The deep past left a trail of withered flowers for snakes to follow. The poisonous venom has merged with my blood and turned me into a walking coma. Alive without a substance, without subconscious, and without a soul. Walking an inch of step dissipated everything all together. The peak turned to dust in the wind. Was everything just my own imagination? But why is the deep below still real?


The white fogs in the mountain turn dark. The bright lights in the beloved city blacks out. The horse I once rode had passed. And the drought… The water vanishes to ashes. It left everything like remnants from a volcanic activity. No longer did I see those sparkling eyes in the water.


If I fall onto stones let it be as long as they’re God-offered. If you light a fire, let fire an incense. And if you drown me, make the water holy. It would be quiet on the other side but I would hear no rustling engines and children’s noise. Maybe, just maybe, I could meet that sparkling eyes again. All it takes to bring back my old self. 


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