Branding on Top of the Digital Ladder

Face it, it’s not the early 2000’s anymore. We live in an age where technology is everywhere and growing rampant than ever. However, this is also a paving way for business owners to boost sales. The method of advertising via billboards and posters is an outdated tactic. The real target of advertising is through mankind’s digital companion. To escalate your brand, You have to strike an arrow right into the top of the digital ladder. With that, it means it’s highly a necessity to showcase your brand through millions of smartphone users, social network users, and as such. Here are various strategies for business owners to raise their brand to a whole digital level.


1. Start with a page or a website

Almost everything is on the internet nowadays and all sorts of vital information or forms of entertainment have found their special place here. Nonetheless, it’s also a special haven for businesses. Most companies have carefully crafted websites with styles that reflect them accordingly.

It’s important to note that when creating your own website, there should be a sense of appeal and personality. You want people to know who you are and what you are offering. Websites should also be optimized mainly for 3 types of platforms: computers, cellphones, and tablets, given that most people use either one of them to browse the internet. Most internet users want websites that are easy to navigate, fast, and clean. You would want costumers to have good user experience with you much like in a physical store with friendly staff and a highly-maintained store.

If creating your own site seems not the best option yet, there are still other options. Google is one of the simplest ways to make a website simply by opening “” you can start a basic website. There are many free services offered online that could help create some flair into your website. 

Having a website provides an easy access for people to get to know your brand as well as to get a shift into the internet stratosphere. 


2. Cater to your target market

It’s a well-known fact that business owners have their specific target audience. However, in digital marketing, you have to build special relationships with your customer. As part of user experience, you want to be engaged to interact with your clients. Big companies not only create their own websites but also create their own social media accounts where it’s easy to reply and give comments. Internet users want the easy way to get into details. That’s why people used the internet in the first place.

At best, you have to sound ‘clever’. Remember that these days, businesses are remembered not only by their products but how they interact. If you look at some tweets by some business, they’re practically marketing geniuses. Internet users always want to be amused whenever they scroll on their social media sites and that’s why the internet is a go-to place for entertainment. 

Proper communication with your audience is a means to have a stable target market that consistently retains as your client.


3. Make your brand searchable 

At some point in time, you might hear SEO when moving up your brand online. SEO is becoming known among digital marketing that it’s like a beginners lesson. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is your visibility through search engines. To put it simply, if you’re selling handmade bags, for example, one might come across your website once the person googles ‘best chaps handbags for sale’ or ‘where can I buy handbags online?’. The way it operates is by locating keywords and that means keywords are the key! However, the algorithm of SEO changes time to time. that it has become hard to track. The best way to stay high on the ladder is to use “SEO friendly content.” Simply write rich, high quality, and relevant content that readers are more likely to look for.


4. Start investing on advertising 

I’ve mentioned that using billboards and posters is an outdated tactic. That is indeed true. Digital usage alone accumulates a large portion of one person’s day. As concluded by eMarketer in their study in the previous year, one adult American would spend an average of 4 hours, 5 minutes a day using mobile internet alone. That’s quite a big number. The thing here is that you want to be part of that 4 hours by showcasing your brand via advertising.

Investing in advertising moves SEO a level higher by turning it to SEM or Search Engine Marketing. In SEM, you are basically pushing your brand up in Google’s search engine through paid advertising. The higher your website appears, the higher the number of visitors. The higher the number of visitors is the more popular your brand becomes. And, the more it becomes popular the more it will drive up sales. It’s a simple cause and effect scheme that guarantees to work the majority of the time. 

It’s also useful to use creative advertising. Video advertising shows more definition of the brand because it educates the viewers significantly more than just popping a photo advertisements. Plus, if the video is entertaining, there’s a high chance of it being shared online.    


5. Have affiliations

Sometimes it’s best to get a little help to boost the brand. This helping hand comes in the form of partnership. In this way, there will be a more diverse range of participants to be interested in your brand. This can potentially double the number of clients. However, the affiliation must be done properly and both sides should harmoniously work on a common goal. One couldn’t work on the other and this method might take risks and sacrifices on both ends. The other must not only work on ‘your brand’ rather you should also leap a step forward. It’s a good way to be reviewed and recommended positively. Remember also to make sure you know your affiliations well before signing up to an agreement. 



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