Love of Friendship

It’s depressing to think we are estranged from our own families, and that every action we do seems immediately misunderstood than be justified. As much as textbooks or basic lessons tell us that family is an immediate priority, we should remember that we are not all going to have the same ideas and actions. Whether family or not, we all have our own differences.

When we realize our urges to find people who would make us feel loved and comfortable, we turn to a different kind of affection, the love of friendship.

Friendship acts a secondary family. It is often in friendship do we feel open, accepted, and free. When we are in a group of close friends, we trust them with our secrets and desires we don’t often share with our families and romantic partners. We also grow and support our friends as we age, especially in making serious life-decisions. They are there when we need them, and we cherish every moment with them.

The romance of friendship is spectacular. Because our closest and best friends stay with us no matter what, friendship becomes more important and lasting than romantic relationships. With relationships, we engage complicated decision making, and this is alleviated with the comfort of friends. When our relationships breaks us or divide the unity of friendship, we contemplate if the relationship is worth keeping than our irreplaceable friendship. When a friend leaves, we feel it as breakup. When a friend raises a child, we show care as if secondary spouse. Showing platonic actions from what are romantic gestures shows how the romance of friendship is worth keeping.

Friendship is lifetime. We celebrate with our friends. We grow with our friends. We make serious choices with our friends. These are what makes friendship worth keeping. They remind us that there are people who are always willing to accept us no matter what. They are there to show support for our decisions no matter how silly they are. And most of all, they are there when we feel troubled with our problems. Friendship will remain intact forever.

Thank you for reading up to this point! This post is a tribute to the best sitcom, Friends, which has taught me greatly in keeping friendships as well as keeping me entertained. I’m happy to be as old as the sitcom is, both being 25 in 2019. Anyway, support me in writing my own self-help book! Have a good and blessed day.

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