Change is inevitable, either it’s for the better or worse. We all age everyday, decisions are made, and time keeps moving. It’s only natural for us to accept these facts.

However, we sometimes face a dire pain from losing someone or something we treasure. With it comes a greater mental suffering. We ponder what we did to deserve this struggle. We think of it as unfair, but it’s actually more than that. This great stress from unfair treatment makes us lose time to be happy, to be perfectly functional, and to see the bright side of life. Eventually, we feel hopeless.

Turning it around is not easy. We wish of going back in time to make things better, but it’s only the opposite. As we face these struggles and severe changes, our only action is to transform.

When it comes to transformation, we acknowledge what we lose. It would drain us of our time, money, and effort. In more serious cases, we give up the people who, at one point, we considered to trust forever and will never hurt us. We have valued what we think will be with us forever, but in fact, everything is fragile. Hence, when one thing that holds everything together breaks, we break with it.

We have to face the truth that we are never going back. Instead of thinking about what should have been, it is healthier to think of what should we do now. Once we have been in such pain from losing, we should focus on how to win. Moving on from the past means also looking forward to shaping our own futures. We are to create a new foundation, where we build ourselves up and to open locked doors.

Transformation requires absolute change. Our goal is to be aspired and to feel great all the time. To do so, we also need to take steps further from our own comfort zone. We could start easy by changing careers, signing up in a gym, or taking a course. The idea is to walk a path never traveled and enriching the new things it brings. Soon after, we recognize good people that start entering our lives and focusing on skills or goals. Finally, we now start to breathe in a fresh atmosphere.

Last, we cultivate. We gave ourselves a chance to be reborn. The pains from our loses are staying in the past, and since we chose to retaliate instead of to weep, we have been blessed with a stable foundation and a valuable support system. These are the moments to protect what we now have. By this point, we have to act mature and keep everything good for us, mentally and physically.

It is the right moment to decorate ourselves in order to become more beautiful. What we have can be enough, but there’s always the option to turn good into better. When we look back, we once have been in tears and pain over our personal struggles. Now, we have transformed, like a caterpillar growing its wings. For every loss, we garner 100 times its struggle. It’s more beautiful than evolution, it’s metamorphosis.

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