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Welcome – Mabuhay – स्वागत हे – selamat datang – Hoşgeldiniz – Bine ati venit – welkom – ようこそ

Welcome to my blog!

Why Wild Prose?
Life is full of great and also crazy things. I bring these wild experiences through words and images. I say wild because there are no limits to what adventures life may give. Anything is possible without limits and everything can be done if with a wild and curious mind!

Basically, this blog is very subjective but moreover focuses on new experiences in life whether it be travels, food, or the thoughts of an imaginative mind. Feel free to browse the many categories below.

Coffee Table Prose – A collection of my deepest and subjective thoughts most likely discussed, thought, and written over a nice cup of coffee.

Travel Blog – Written from the highest mountains, from the sunsets at the beach, or in the deepest forests. These are personal travels shared from across long gaps as far as I could experience.

Food Blog – Great food comes from great places and for that, I share these great hidden tastes for everyone else to try. Food is one of the best blessings life had to offer!

Beyond Prose – The deepest thoughts expressed in the most creative way possible. Explaining things that are difficult to comprehend and sharing emotions in the most subtle way possible.

Journal and Stories (new) – Some moments are just hard to let go. Some stories are most deserved to be written to be shared and inspired from.

Archives – The oldest of the old. It’s a collection of works found in the dusty shelves or between the pages of an old book.

The Nerd Prose – A new addition to my blog that features all the nerdy side that I’m ready to share with the world. It just goes to show that I can conquer technology with my wild side.




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