Indian Snack Challenge

I've done so many adventures so far that my feet have had enough. Yet, I have deprived my stomach for so long. With traveling, I've learned that tastes should come also with the experience. When you explore, you gotta make your experience worthwhile. These 5 snacks were specially brought to spice up my Hindu temple experience. A... Continue Reading →

The Great Escapes Travel Fair

For my 50th Blog Post Special - I bring to you The Great Escapes Travel Fair. An event I covered on August 18, 2017. When is it a great time to travel? While most people say summer is the best time to wave the flag of traveling, I would disagree. Travel does not have limits! It's... Continue Reading →

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Chocolate Wonderland

What a delectable evening! The night sets after being with my friends on a hot summer day. It's been almost a week since I've last seen them. I've resigned from my job and I'm loosening things up for a bit. It's the best time to seize the constant rush of adrenaline. I've been having tea most of... Continue Reading →

Time to “PAWS”

The philosophy of a dog is very simple. It's to bring joy to a man's face! When the odds are never there, dogs will always be there to bring a smile to a dilapidated soul. They are always there barking at you for attention but they the love they give back is far greater than... Continue Reading →

4 Secret Cafe Gems in Ortigas

If I had a doctor he would probably ban me from having another cup of coffee. I can't help it! Coffee is the very fuel of my soul! I just can't live without it every now and then. At least, It's a healthy addiction compared to drugs. But then again, what if coffee is my drug?... Continue Reading →

What Salu-Salo Really Means

For Filipinos, a great supply of food and lots of laughs with close friends is enough to enjoy holidays. I remember those thoughts lingered in my head when we were having a big salu-salo in the pantry during our lunch breaks. I couldn't forget such an appreciable moment. Decorative bilaos of food all lined up waiting for us to dig in.... Continue Reading →

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