Manila Hidden in Plain Sight

How much have we been bedazzled by the majesties of vibrant photos and fabricated word of mouth? We venture with high expectations only to be lead to utter disappointments. What we hope our eyes to witness might not come as we expected. That's reality. Though that's because we expect too much. We have to remember... Continue Reading →

Manila Tour 3: A Hindu experience

The day of July 2, 1994, started a long golf game. A strong smacking force upon impact to the ball meant a plight to an unknown course. By chance, landing on the perfect spot as the ace in the hole. Obstructions aside, that ace in the hole would soon be The Wild Prose! Yes! For... Continue Reading →

Manila Tour 2: Art Appreciation

A journey's purpose is to reveal the parade of beauty unseen by most eyes. With the recent lengthy journey to Manila, is it possible to finally cease it all? Definitely,┬ánot! I want to do it again... and again and again... (and I have to rush these blogs!) There's never a┬álimit in roving. It feels like... Continue Reading →

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