At my Home Six Months Later (What to expect living alone)

I have never gotten to express my most handsome feelings ever since I moved to my new abode. I thought I could not do so until I did. The beginning phases caught me with a few dismays as intended with so many adjustments, yet the comfort hastily came. I've said I dreaded cold concrete walls,... Continue Reading →

Thirty Minutes – and the minutes after

How I missed spending time alone, like really alone. Thirty minutes on a bus ride home, eating a fast-food burger on one hand and holding a phone playing Netflix on the other hand. Within these thirty minutes, I had the luxury I never actually quite had for a very very long time. First of all,... Continue Reading →

The Creature of the Blood Moon

With deep pants of my exhausted breath and the gushing streams of sweat running down from my face to the body, I slowly ceased my running steps. With every heartbeat, I felt my blood coursing fast in my veins. My eyes, skin, and my ears. They begin to observe everything in my path - the... Continue Reading →

Manila Hidden in Plain Sight

How much have we been bedazzled by the majesties of vibrant photos and fabricated word of mouth? We venture with high expectations only to be lead to utter disappointments. What we hope our eyes to witness might not come as we expected. That's reality. Though that's because we expect too much. We have to remember... Continue Reading →

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