At my Home Six Months Later (What to expect living alone)

I have never gotten to express my most handsome feelings ever since I moved to my new abode. I thought I could not do so until I did. The beginning phases caught me with a few dismays as intended with so many adjustments, yet the comfort hastily came. I've said I dreaded cold concrete walls,... Continue Reading →

Thirty Minutes – and the minutes after

How I missed spending time alone, like really alone. Thirty minutes on a bus ride home, eating a fast-food burger on one hand and holding a phone playing Netflix on the other hand. Within these thirty minutes, I had the luxury I never actually quite had for a very very long time. First of all,... Continue Reading →

The Creature of the Blood Moon

With deep pants of my exhausted breath and the gushing streams of sweat running down from my face to the body, I slowly ceased my running steps. With every heartbeat, I felt my blood coursing fast in my veins. My eyes, skin, and my ears. They begin to observe everything in my path - the... Continue Reading →

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