Time to move on (Done With Manila)

Done just about anything up my sleeve. Did just about anything I possibly could. Went everywhere from North to South. For almost 25 years of my life, my home stayed nowhere outside Manila. Rich, poor, and the middle class, there is no experience I have not trodden. I grew tired of the spots on my... Continue Reading →

At my Home Six Months Later (What to expect living alone)

I have never gotten to express my most handsome feelings ever since I moved to my new abode. I thought I could not do so until I did. The beginning phases caught me with a few dismays as intended with so many adjustments, yet the comfort hastily came. I've said I dreaded cold concrete walls,... Continue Reading →

long dreams.

I was out in the cold night in the city. In the comfort of my own troubles, and expecting more to come. My bank account mauled by hackers, called the bank that took forever to waste my time, and a running phone bill for their slow-paced rapport. I kept my patience at its best. No... Continue Reading →

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