Revival in Individualism

What's your social problem today? Was it the overbearing family? Was it the betrayal of people you trust? Were you labeled and judged before you could ever speak? Please, do yourself a favor by listening to your own. I learned my the hard way. Being extremely open-minded, trying to work things out with people seem... Continue Reading →

Thirty Minutes – and the minutes after

How I missed spending time alone, like really alone. Thirty minutes on a bus ride home, eating a fast-food burger on one hand and holding a phone playing Netflix on the other hand. Within these thirty minutes, I had the luxury I never actually quite had for a very very long time. First of all,... Continue Reading →

The Best People

The despairing part of life has been extinguished. Finally, the breeze feels fresh as the flowers blooming at spring. Funny because there's no spring season in the Philippines and my new home is close to an avenue. Nonetheless, there's always something worth appreciating in life no matter much you feel like dirt stuck in someone... Continue Reading →

Early Retirement

Things will never always go your own way. That's a sure fact. It's certain to say we have to feel the subtle pains in life every once in a while... but what if it's not subtle anymore? Or in curiosity, when does it become too much to not bear anymore? For young people, the feeling... Continue Reading →

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